Wolfsburg Sign UK Esports FIFA Player

Esports and FIFA History made!

Yes, you read the headline correctly! German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg have made a ground breaking signing in an Esports FIFA player from Wolverhampton in the UK. David Blytheway, 22 was one of the most talked about signings for the German club in the most recent winter transfer window.

Esports FIFA Player Wolfsburg

David will represent Wolfsburg in tournaments and online leagues and will be sporting his very own shirt with squad number. He isn’t of course part of the actual football squad in anyway but he becomes a new wave of football player as Wolfsburg have spotted an opportunity for growth and that opportunity is esports.

What does this mean for Esports?

Well, we have already seen NFL and NBA team owners setup their own esports teams in other esports so it’s kind of unsurprising that football (Soccer) teams are following suit.

The close relationship FIFA has to football itself gets closer by each game release as player ratings, skill levels and now, live updates on players form make the game extremely realistic. The players now look incredibly real compared to the 90’s versions of FIFA and other football titles.

Naturally there has been an increase of top players in FIFA space which has led to internationally tournaments and David Blytheway is currently one of the best.

david in action FIFA


FIFA Betting around the corner?

Esports betting is currently available on a number of esports but unfortunately FIFA is not one of them. However, as the esports space grows, more tournaments arise and international football clubs buy esports players it is safe to say that it won’t be far away.

The thought of this is very exciting as imagine betting on a FIFA game which could feature your favourite team or rivalry match. As well as this, these games can happen any-time, anywhere so no need to wait until the fixture comes around.

The future of FIFA

David currently represents England and has travelled to Las Vegas, New York and Rio to compete at the FIFA interactive World Cup.

He also gave his thoughts on why Wolfsburg chose to sign him;

“E-sports is growing so much every year with all the viewers it’s generating. Wolfsburg can see the potential and so they want to be the first to do it.”

It’s certainly a bold move by Wolfsburg but one that looks to start the wave of a new era of professional soccer players, well esports players!

Esports gamers are often referred to as Esports Athletes but Wolfsburg haven’t flown David over to Germany and set him on a strict training regime, instead he can ‘work from home’ and continue his normally day to day life, with perhaps added pressure on his next tournament performances.

david blytheway football shirt

He still players 4-6 games a day but only with players whose ability match his. Its quite possible though that Wolfsburg and other clubs would set stricter training in place when the stakes become higher. 

All in all it’s very exciting times for esports and FIFA. 



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