Wings Gaming secure their spot for ESL One Manila semi-finals


Wings Gaming advance to the ESL One Manila semi-finals

Today, Wings Gaming defeated compLexity Gaming with a score of 2-0 in the best-of-three series at ESL One Manila to secure a spot in the semi-finals of the tournament.

The matches of Group A ended with the series between compLexity Gaming and Wings Gaming, one of the most exciting and thrilling series at the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila.

First game

The first game of the series began with a lot of actions and conflict all around the map. Wings Gaming decided to go for a four men rotation on the map to put the pressure on Death Prophet and Dark Seer at the bottom and top lane, respectively. Their rotations were so good that it made a huge gold and experience difference between the two teams with Wings Gaming continuing their domination on compLexity Gaming.

Zhou ‘bLink’ Yang’s Invoker got a huge momentum from these rotations and he got his core items for the mid-game. While Wings Gaming decided to gank Death Prophet in the game, Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin’s Lifestealer got out of control and at nine minute mark, he got his first kill on Disruptor using an Infested Ancient creep.

From that moment, Chessie decided to join the team fights using the same strategy, i.e. using an Ancient Creep. The two infested ancients, the Granite Golem and Black Dragon, helped them to push out the lane and eventually win the game even under the ultimate of Death Prophet.

Wings Gaming’s line-up compLexity Gaming’s line-up
Invoker – bLink Death Prophet – Limmp
Batrider – Faith_Bian Doom – ZfreeK
Rubick – iceice Crystal Maiden – Handsken
Disruptor – Zyp Dark Seer – swindlemelonzz
Ursa Warrior – Shadow Lifestealer – Chessie

Second game

The second game of the series featured another pushing strategy from compLexity Gaming involving Drow Ranger’s aura with the combination of Nature’s Prophet. This strategy worked perfectly well for compLexity Gaming and at ten minute mark, Wings Gaming lost all of their tier one towers and one tier two tower.

However, they responded the aggression of compLexity Gaming with Beastmaster and Slark. The first big team fight between the two teams at 16 minute mark involved all the five heroes of Wings Gaming in the aggressive state. Four heroes on the side of compLexity Gaming were killed by them while they were trying to defend their top tier one tower and this successful team fight for Wings Gaming boosted their momentum by a huge amount.

After some minutes into the game, Wings Gaming managed to get Aegis of Immortality on Slark and after then, they regained the map control as well as the gold and experience lead in their favor. They continued to out-maneuver the line-up of compLexity Gaming with the help of Witch Doctor’s cask and eventually, they forced compLexity Gaming to the third game in the best-of-three series at ESL One Manila.

Wings Gaming’s line-up compLexity Gaming’s line-up
Queen of Pain – bLink Puck – Limmp
Beastmaster – Faith_Bian Doom – ZfreeK
Witch Doctor – iceice Winter Wyvern – Handsken
Enchantress – Zyp Nature’s Prophet – swindlemelonzz
Slark – Shadow Drow Ranger – Chessie

Third game

The third and last game of the series featured Chu ‘Shadow’ Zeyu special hero, Venomancer. This time, Wings Gaming totally ignored the drafting line-up of compLexity Gaming and they were focused on their line-up and rotations.

The start of the third game was very much quiet as both the teams decided to focus on farm. In general, this farming technique was much more favorable for compLexity Gaming than Wings Gaming due to their late game line-up.

However, Shadow built Veil of Discord along with Aghanim’s Scepter on Venomancer and a Blink Dagger was purchased by Earthshaker to initiate upon the heroes of compLexity Gaming. After these core items purchased on the heroes of Wings Gaming, Dazzle’s heal became useless in the game. Moreover, Outworld Devourer was also forced to build Black King Bar which further delayed his core items through which he could deal a huge amount of right click damage to the line-up of Wings Gaming.

With only 35 minutes into the game, Wings Gaming gained a huge amount of momentum which became impossible for compLexity Gaming to recover in the game and thus, with their ‘GG’ call, Wings Gaming advanced to the semi-finals of the ESL One Manila.

Wings Gaming’s line-up compLexity Gaming’s line-up
Invoker – bLink Phantom Lancer – Limmp
Weaver – Faith_Bian Mirana – ZfreeK
Earthshaker – iceice Dazzle – Handsken
Io – Zyp Beastmaster – swindlemelonzz
Venomancer – Shadow Outworld Devourer – Chessie

Do you think that Wings Gaming will be able to take down the undefeatable, Fnatic, in the semi-finals of ESL One Manila? Let us know in the comments below.

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