Valve announces patch 6.87c, includes minor nerfs and fixes


Patch 6.87c is now live

In the third alteration of the patch 6.87, Doom and Bounty Hunter have received nerfs regarding their third and second skill, respectively. Moreover, Silver Edge now requires a 300 gold recipe in order to complete the item with Shadow Blade and Ultimate Orb.

The patch 6.87c was announced as a result of the Manila Major qualifiers where a lot of heroes were used which weren’t popular in the previous patch. There are also some minor nerfs in the items like Wind Lace which is now available at 235 gold instead of 225 gold and it has been removed from the side shop on the lanes.

To read the complete patch notes, click here.


Doom has been proven extremely useful for the teams during the Manila Major qualifiers and a 54% win rate of the hero resulted into the first ban during the pick/ban phase. With such a high win rate, Doom has received nerf in the third iteration of the patch 6.87. Doom’s Infernal Blade’s burn base damage has now been reduced from 40 to 25/30/35/40. Therefore, the ability now deals 100/120/140/160 base damage over the course of four seconds which makes it slightly less ganking potential ability.

Silver Edge

Silver Edge, after the arrival of patch 6.87, became the most convenient item which can be disassembled. The players could build Manta/Skadi/Linken’s Sphere/Hex with the help of Ultimate Orb being used in the Silver Edge. However, the addition of a 300 gold recipe in the item makes this decision quite worse. It is still can disassembled however, with the recipe, players won’t waste their 300 gold on an item.

Vengeful Spirit

Being a supportive hero, having a large amount of mana pool in the early phases of the game was always helpful for the hero as well as the team. But after the patch 6.87c, the intelligence growth of the hero has been reduced from 15 + 1.75 to 13 + 1.5. This won’t make a big impact in the late phases of the game but in the starting phase, it can be the turning point of the game.

Do you think that the current Meta will change after the arrival of patch 6.87c in the DotA 2 competitive scene? Let us know in the comments below.

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