Top 5 CS GO players to look out for in 2016

Which CS GO players will shine in 2016?

2016 is set to be a huge year for Counter Strike Global Offensive so we have created our very own top 5 list of players we think you should keep an eye on.

The countdown runs from 5 to Number 1 and includes a snap shot of their skills courtesy of a youtube clip.

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No. 5 – Jacob
pyth Mourujärvi 

We start off the list with a player who looked like a great upcoming talent in the beginning of CS GO, but never really found a stable team to grow with in Sweden. This eventually led Jacob to try his luck in the NA scene, which as we all know isn’t exactly the best place to expect a world class team from. There he tried to start off fresh with teams like Winterfox and Luminosity, but failed to create an impact. It started to look like that this young Swedish player might never find himself in an elite organization, but to everyone’s surprise NIP chose him as the new guy to replace the Finnish star in Allu. Though a questionable choice given the other superior options around, Pyth is now in a team has a very experienced core. This might be the boost the Swedish talent needed to take his play to the next level and with the help of such experienced players around him, expect the 27 year old to give it his all.

Take a look at Pyth’s highlight


No.4 – Nick Nitro Cannella

When Team Liquid finally signed the then ex-Denial squad, it was Nitro who broke out as the standout player. He was great at what he did and kept getting better with time, but it wasn’t until Hiko joined the roster that things really took off. Having one of NA’s all-time great CS GO players alongside allowed Nitro to move from his old lurking position and explore new things, this is when Nick found his current support entry fragging role, something very similar to what Forest does in NIP. He embraced this new position and started producing great results even against top tier teams who usually cut through NA teams like butter. Obviously his peak came fairly late in last year so his stats does not really represent his present capability, but there was enough evidence during his peek that suggests that 2016 can be the year where he becomes NA’s new superstar, maybe a more consistent version of Shroud if he can really hone his skill to the required level.

Take a look Nitro’s POV against FNATIC


No.3 – Aleksi Allu Jalli

After NIP failed to make the Finnish Super Star in ALLU work, it was ENCE who seized the opportunity and bought him back home.  Now managed under the likes of Natu and Lurppis, Allu will most likely get superior support and positions, allowing him to go back to his more explosive style of play that we saw him sporting back in the age Mouz. With superior strategies and people who can understand his value better, there is almost no doubt that despite being centered around less capable players, Allu will perform better in ENCE than what he did in NIP.  So keep an eye out for some upsets from ENCE on the back of the Super Fin.

Take a look Allu’s old explosive plays before joining NIP


No.2 – Philip “aizy” Aistrup

While PIMP was always the more solid part of Team Dignitas, towards the late half of the year, it was Aizy who showed up as this new unstoppable force. In fact I would go as far as saying that his round against Virtus Pro was one of the most impressive show of skills in all of 2015.  It is pretty obvious that he has the necessary skillset to be the next star in the CS GO scene, but similar to Flamie he could never produce the peak level during important games. However given the timing of when he really started to come off as an individual beast of a player, it is very much possible that will be the year when Aizy reaches a superior level of consistency and finally show the world that he can be the a Super Star in the CS GO scene.

Take a look at Aizy’s ACE against Virtus.Pro

No.1 – 
Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostylev

It is rare to see a player of S1MPL’s caliber to be without a team for so long. Widely regarded as one of the most skilled players to ever touch the game, Aleksanr Kostylev is a force of terror, yet his toxic attitude coupled with the ESL BAN always kept him from gaining a stable team. Even when playing with the likes of Yegor “Markeloff” Markelov in Flipside Tactics, S1MPLE failed to develop as a person, while his level of play reached an insane level. It was almost like a running joke that the better S1MPLE plays, the worse his attitude would get. It would not even be a stretch to say that if S1MPLE didn’t have his attitude issues and had a better team around him, he would be one of the best players of 2015.

Moving on, after moving apart from Flipside Tactics, S1MPLE ended up taking a break, sometimes streaming FPL games to pass his time. It wasn’t until Liquid failed to acquire ALLU that S1MPLE was picked up by the North American organization. So how does his Liquid pickup differs, won’t he just fail to fit in again? Well this is here things start to change, Liquid now has Hiko, one of the few people who has constantly supported Aleksandr even in his worst situation and S1MPLE himself have acknowledged that he does have personality issue. Therefore there is an actual chance that we will see this beast of a player finally play in a team that will try and be patient with him. If Liquid can work around S1MPLE and unlock his true potential, then we will be seeing a new God emerge in CS GO that is capable of being listed alongside the likes of Olofm, Get_Right, Shox as one of the all-time greats.

Take a look at S1MPLE’s highlight





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