Team SoloMid, NA’s rough stone that can become the diamond

For the longest time the League of Legends scene has been dominated by the Asians and even now the EU & NA side feels like a tier below, but many thought that if certain star players could put aside their ego and work together, then the NA scene would have a viable threat.

Enter TSM, who now with Doublelift & Yellowstar have created a squad that on paper looks like a super team fueled by individual skill.

So did this team go onto dominate this year’s NA LCS spring split? Not at all. In fact Team SoloMid is 3-2 at the moment and their best performance came only recently against Cloud9CZ_9tBVUAAAA4rn
Where they were able to close out a rather tense match. As a result the forums were flooded with the common question ‘Did we overestimate the potential of a NA super team?’ the answer is rather complex.

It’s yes for fans who expected the players to instantly click and become head and shoulders above their domestic rivals and a no for those who think of this squad as a very valuable rough stone that can eventually develop into a diamond of great value
Even Doublelift has stated multiple times that the team has ‘Conflicting strategies’ and are not yet capable of working in a way where they can use the best of everyone’s capabilities. This is a natural downside of having a super team filled with stars who are used to making the big plays themselves, instead of setting it up according to the situation.

This is true even if you take traditional sports such as Football into account, when you put really good players with similar mindsets together, they often end up getting a little tense due to conflicting intentions. However teams like Barcelona did eventually make their super team work. The MSN trio while starting off slow, eventually went on to win the treble, making a historic run. So who are we to say that the so called ‘BjergLift’ duo won’t develop greater synergy and take the NA super team to the next level?

Obviously there is a flip side to this coin!  League of Legends is now at a more developed stage than ever before. Synergy has slowly but surely taken over the once solo que style in NA and teams like Immortals and C9 are great examples of that. Hopefully TSM’s new head coach KC Woods can be key to unlocking a more efficient , non clashing playstyle , the rest obviously depends on the players.

The TSM stars will have to learn to let something go for the sake of the greater good within the team, be it that key decision or just pure greed for an extra kill. Doubllift is one of the players to highlight in this area, since he is used to being that guy who creates a chaotic situation and somehow comes out on top, turning situations on its head.

Personally I believe that TSM has stabilized a lot since their debut and their recent matches are starting to show that. Fingers crossed that once the polishing phase ends, we get a shiny new diamond that will take the NA scene to greater heights.

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    XixoNatus Reply
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 22:27 pm

    Good read and while I understand what the writer is trying to say, I don’t see TSM ever becoming the NA super team all the fanboys wants it to be

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    Rich Reply
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 19:07 pm

    They’re not even better than FNATIC were last year

  • author image
    UxGFaker Reply
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 14:15 pm

    Lets be honest here they cant hang with Koreans faker will rip you NA fanboys darling bjerg apart

  • author image
    Elrec66 Reply
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 14:14 pm

    cant agree with the statement that they can eventually compete with korans, no matter how much they improve it will happen

  • author image
    GTR OP Reply
    Jan 31, 2016 @ 14:10 pm

    Definitely agree that fans expected too much too early, we are only starting with this tsm lineup and they can be greater than all NA teams with time


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