SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 – China Qualifiers analysis – June 22nd


SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 – China Qualifiers

Wednesday, 22nd of June

On June 22nd, only one best-of-three series will be played in SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 – China Qualifiers. The two teams that will be competing against each other are Newbee.Young and LGD Gaming.

Newbee.Young vs LGD Gaming – 8:00 UTC

The first and only series to be played on June 22nd will be between Newbee.Young and LGD Gaming. As far as the performance of both the teams is concerned, they are playing very well and each player in the team is always contributing his role towards the victory.

Newbee.Young’s teamwork tactics

Newbee.Young generally look out for the pick-offs from all around the map and if they become successful in doing so, then they push out all the lanes till the enemy tier three tower. One of the best tactics about Newbee.Young is that they avoid unnecessary team fights which result into the loss of momentum for their players. If they enemy team are pushing hard on a single lane, then one of the cores of Newbee.Young will play rat strategy and eventually, the opponent team have to back-off from their current strategy.

LGD Gaming’s teamwork tactics

The teamwork tactics of LGD Gaming have been constant throughout the year and the basic plan is to create space for the cores in the team. Once all the cores get enough farm, then they group-up as five and start pushing the towers in all the lanes.

Final prediction                                 

In the past three encounters, LGD Gaming have won all three series against Newbee.Young but according to the recent performance of Newbee.Young, they are performing very well and with their exceptional performance, they were able to take down the mighty kings of China, Newbee in the best-of-three series. So in our opinion, taking down LGD Gaming in the best-of-three at SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 – China Qualifiers shouldn’t be a problem for Newbee.Young if they continue to play like their recent matches.

Series winner prediction: Newbee.Young

Chances of Newbee.Young to win:

2-0: 35%

2-1: 70%

Bet range: Medium

Bet status: Good


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