Rick Fox’s Echo Fox dips toe into CS GO!


Yes people, it is official! Echo Fox the team founded by former Lakers and Boston Celtics forward Rick Fox are now trying their hand at Counter Strike Global Offensive. Originally Echo Fox started out as a League of Legends surprise team when it acquired Gravity Gaming’s spot in NA LCS for an impressive $1 million dollars. Therefore it is pleasantly surprising to see the organization expand so rapidly into other eSports games; just goes to show that Rick Fox the former star player has really started to take a liking into eSports.

Echo Fox’s attempt at a CS GO run starts off with them signing the rather well known NA team in Torqued. The squad will sport Sean “Seangears” Gares, Mohamad “Moe” Assad, Trey “Tck” Martin, Aremeen “A2zz” Toussi and Ronnie “Ryx” Bylicki. Now just from the names put forward a few things become very obvious, first up Rick Fox was driven more by the so called ‘HYPE’ of players than the actual quality. Which becomes even cleared when you look at this statement from ESPN

“My vision for Echo Fox has always been much larger than League of Legends,” he said. “League is clearly a key component and a great starting point as the most played PC game in the world, but I am building what I intend to be the preeminent eSports empire.

“Given my desire to have one of the leading franchises in [Turner’s] ELEAGUE, I have spent the past several months putting together the best team possible.”
Joining m0E and Gares are Trey “tck” Martin, Armeen”a2z” Toussi and Ronnie “ryx” Bylicki. The team competed at the MLG Columbus 2016 – Americas Last Chance Qualifier on Saturday and Sunday as Torqued, wanting to hold off rebranding as Echo Fox. Torqued have already been invited to compete in ELEAGUE.
“The team we signed is led by some of the top players in the game,” Fox said. “m0E is a household name in the CS:GO community and has over 500,000 followers on Twitch. sgares led his team to a first-place finish in the IBuyPower Cup last year and was rated as the best in-game leader in North America. I know these two, as well as the others, were all being courted by other top teams. We are excited to have them as part of the Echo Fox family and expect to do big things together.”

Whatever his motivation there were much better options available, EX Titan for example is a much superior team in every aspect, but maybe Richard wanted to keep his CS GO squad within NA? Who knows? That does not change the fact that on paper this team doesn’t have any potential to make good finishes in notable upcoming tournaments, the major from MLG will probably serve as good evidence.

The only silver lining here is probably the fact that we are yet to see MOE’s full potential as a pro player and SeanGears is an IGL that can lead this team to a more stable state. How far Fox’s success in CS echo’s we will have to wait and see.


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