Pyth to miss MLG Columbus, Threat stands in to fill the void for NIP-Gaming


A shocking news has just come to attention, as NIP’s official website has released a statement saying the following

“We have over the last weeks been in discussions with the Embassy of The United States in Stockholm to acquire a visa for our player Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi. The process has taken longer than expected and we have been told by the Embassy the visa will be issued during next week. The consequences of the delay lead to a late arrival of Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi to Columbus.

 We have throughout the last week been in dialogue with Major League Gaming and Valve, where we have proposed different solutions. One of the proposed solutions is to start the tournament with THREAT and replacing him with Pyth, when the visa is issued and he is eligible for travel. We are awaiting a final decision from Valve and MLG on the matter.

We look forward to seeing our team in action in Columbus and believe they will deliver great results in Jacob´s absence. #GONINJAS!”

1295639161.64This obviously puts NIP-Gaming in a very bad position, seeing how they have been practicing with Pyth for months now and were starting to performing much better than before. Even topping the leader board at ESL Pro League Season 3, upsetting the likes of Astralis and FNATIC. Not to mention that there is no info about Threat’s current form and while he has a great mind for CS, without practice it is probably not an even situation for NIP-Gaming. More information to follow soon once they are made official.


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