ProDota Cup season 7 analysis – June 12th


ProDota Cup season 7

Sunday, 12th of June

With all the hype going around in The Manila Major, a lot of teams that have been relegated or didn’t make it to the main event are looking to compete in the upcoming tournaments like ProDota Cup season 7.

On June 12th, Polarity will take on Fantastic Five in the best-of-three series at ProDota Cup season 7.

Polarity vs Fantastic Five – 17:30 UTC

It is time when Polarity will face Fantastic Five in the best-of-three series at ProDota Cup season 7. By looking at the recent gameplay of Polarity, they’re doing fine as far as their results are concerned but on a micro level, the presence of stand-ins in the team are really causing communication problem to some extent. But these problems are really minor as Silent and Iceberg, the stand-in players for Polarity have already played with some of the team members. So, the communication problem isn’t a big deal for them.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen Fantastic Five in the professional DotA 2 scene lately and it looks like they’ve been giving all of their time to the practice session. Recently, XBOCT and Ghostik left the roster of Fantastic Five which created a lot of problems for the organization. Later on, Dmitry ‘Dale’ Rudnev and Slavik ‘Oxaien’ Volna filled the gap that was created by the former team members in the roster. But for now, they’re playing okay with even this roster.

On the overall scale, Polarity should be able to take down Fantastic Five in the best-of-three series at ProDota Cup season 7.

Series winner prediction: Polarity

Chances of Polarity to win:

  • 2-0: 50%
  • 2-1: 75%

Bet range: Medium – High

Bet status: Good


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