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Founded in 1998, Pinnacle Sports has come a long way from their initial struggles. After numerous setbacks, including having their servers completely wiped out twice by a tropical storm, they now are one of the world’s largest and most recognized online sportsbooks. Regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, Pinnacle services customers in over 100 countries. Unlike other traditional bookmakers, Pinnacle is not a betting exchange, and this has made them one of the most reliable bookmaker companies in the industry. They receive no commissions on winnings or premium charges.

While for the first twelve years of their existence Pinnacle focused on professional sports leagues, the company was one of the first to start offering bets for eSports in 2010. In less than five years they had already reached the one million eSport’s bets milestone, with eSports being their 7th largest market by volume now.


Pinnacle’s website and software is as advanced as you’ll find in the bookmaking industry. Pinnacle uses the traditional ASI software platform that many of their rivals use, but with a significant amount of under the hood enhancements that only Pinnacle can offer. Modifications include a proprietary spread drop down option that allows players to buy and sell points and an account history option that is unmatched by their competitors.

Pinnacle also offers dynamic lines, allowing their users to monitor the odd lines movement in real time without the need to constantly refresh the browser page. Pinnacle operates a unique low margin-high volume model that allows them to not take positions, instead letting the market dictate itself. Their sophisticated system involves some complex algorithms to go along with their expertise in odd-setting, a feature that no competitor has been able to replicate.

Directly from the home page users can access all of the live in-play games as well as view upcoming match odds. Essentially three widgets are in play on the home screen, providing as much access and information as possible. Special events for the day are also highlighted at the bottom.

A unique feature that Pinnacle has just recently rolled out is their eSports hub. A ton of information is available here, such as upcoming tournaments, the latest odds, articles detailing predictions and event information, and even an introduction guide to eSports betting. Pinnacle even offers their own tournament with cash prizes.


Pinnacle League

Quick Review of Bet365’s Mobile App

Unlike some of their competitors, Pinnacle has not developed an iOS or Android app. Instead, they have focused their resources on developing a robust and expansive mobile site that all handheld devices can access. The mobile site is designed around ease of use and access. A simple navigation is paired with a clean and beautiful layout. Users can quickly place bets with the touch of a finger and then follow the action live, right from the app.

Pinnacle’s move to go with a mobile site instead of developing a mobile app is all about accessibility. Why create applications for specific devices when you can simply design a mobile site that almost any device can access? It’s this type of thinking that has allowed Pinnacle to remain in the top echelon of sports booking companies.

Game Selection

Being one of the leading companies for eSports, Pinnacle has always been aggressive in providing as many tournaments to wager on as possible. Currently Pinnacle offers wagers for League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, and recently Heroes of the Storm. A multitude of tournaments and leagues are available as well, including but not limited to the ones below:


  • Mid-Season Invitational
  • World Championship

Dota 2


  • PGL Championship Series
  • MLG Major Championship
  • The World Championships

Major Tournaments

  • ESL One
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • DreamHack

New Leagues

  • Smite Pro
  • Hearthstone PL
  • HotS Gold Series

Wager Types

Pinnacle offers a multitude of different wager types. Below is an outline of the major ones:

  • Outright (Future): An outright bet is simply picking who will win a specific event or tournament.
  • Matchup (Head-to-Head): A Matchup bet is essentially picking the winner of a head-to-head matchup or who will perform better. For example, will Player A post a better KDA then Player B is considered a Matchup bet.
  • 1×2: A 1×2 bet is a live bet that can be made during an ongoing event or matchup. The 1X2 refers to the three type of bets that can be made, 1 is for a home win, x is for a draw, and 2 is for an away win.
  • Total: A total bet is a wager on the total number of points, games, kills (for eSports), or goals scored by both teams or competitors combined. Total numbers are listed on Pinnacle, and bettors have an option of picking the over or under, with each option having some associated odds.
  • Team Total: Just like a Total bet, Team Totals are specific to just that team or competitor. You can bet on whether the Total is over or under the posted total number, each option having associated odds.
  • Live Betting: Live bets are exactly what they sound like, betting during live events. Pinnacle offers unique bets throughout the course of an event that bettors can wager on.
  • Parlay (Accumulator or Combined bets): Parlay bets are a combination of two or more bets on one or more games. In order to win, all bets must be predicted correctly. The more games that you parlay, the bigger the potential payout becomes.
  • Handicap (Spread bet): This is a type of bet that bookmakers give to bettors as a sort of advantage. Typically, the handicap is provided to the team that scores first blood. You’ll often see something like Team A (+1) and Team B (-1)

Promotional Incentives

Pinnacle offers some of the lowest bookmaking margins in the business, meaning their users get the best possible prices to bet on. For this reason, Pinnacle has become a high volume, high value sports betting powerhouse.

Unfortunately, Pinnacle has had a long-standing tradition of not providing sign up bonuses or other promotional incentives. Instead, they prefer to provide benefits through their bookmaking margins. There also are no restrictions on betting markets or wager amounts.

Website Traffic

Pinnacle has had consistent monthly traffic exceeding 2.5 million over the past 6 months. Our estimates on monthly traffic doesn’t account for mobile traffic, which Pinnacle has mentioned is quite significant.

Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the best things about Pinnacle is how quickly you can deposit and withdrawal money. Deposits and withdrawals are usually processed in under 2 hours, with most being completed in 30 minutes. They also offer a multitude of payment options, such as bank wires, credit cards, debit cards, NETELLER, PayPal, and even Skrill. Even specific targeted customers have options, such as China Banking, iDebit for Canadians, and POLi for Australians.

Pinnacle also offers quite a few ways to withdrawal money. Below is an outline of their withdrawal options and the processing days each one takes:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Ukash
  • Poli
  • Paysafecard

Customer Service

This is the one negative feature of Pinnacle and an area they admit they need to improve on. Pinnacle does not offer live support, such as online chat, or even phone support. The only way to contact customer support is through email or postal mail. They also offer an online form that can be submitted.

Email inquiries are responded to within 24-48 hours, and the support staff is noted to be extremely efficient and helpful. Pinnacle has stated previously that their low cost in customer support allows them return more money to their user base.


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Pinnacle Esports Review

      SIGN UP NOW | Best Odds Overview Founded in 1998, Pinnacle Sports has come a long way from their initial struggles. After numerous setbacks, including having their servers completely wiped out twice by a tropical storm, they...

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