OG become an immovable object, claim the spot in ESL One Frankfurt 2016 Grand Finals


OG are the first grand-finalist of ESL One Frankfurt 2016

The final day at ESL One Frankfurt 2016 began with the first series of the semi-finals between OG and Team Liquid. The top two teams in the world showcased their potential in a do or die match at ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

First game

The first game of the series started with OG claiming the first blood and fortunately, it was BigDaddyNotail’s Meepo that got the last hit on the opponent hero. However, Team Liquid came back strong in the early phases of the game and took the lead 12-4 in their favor. They began to roll over the OG’s line-up by grabbing Aegis of Immortality and claiming top tier two tower.

Team Liquid’s high momentum allowed them to go high ground and demolish OG’s line-up and by the end of twenty minutes, OG called ‘GG’.

OG’s line-up Team Liquid’s line-up
Earth Spirit – Fly Phoenix – JerAx
Batrider – MoonMeander Alchemist – FATA
Io – Cr1t Huskar – Matumbaman
Timbersaw – Miracle Nyx Assassin – MinD_ContRoL
Meepo – BigDaddyNotail Dazzle – Kuroky

Second game

The second game started with first blood going in the favor of Team Liquid at two minute mark. But after then, OG quickly took the revenge by securing the kill. At ten minute mark, both the teams seemed to be more passive as the score was 5-5. With the strong change in the momentum, Team Liquid quickly turned around the tables and grabbed two kills in the mid lane as well as two kills in the bottom lane of the side of OG’s line-up.

Team Liquid got a lot of map control as well as momentum with those pick-offs and it started to seem like Team Liquid will take this game as well. But OG bounced back really hard on Team Liquid by securing three kills near the Roshan pit and after then, they started to push mid lane with Aegis of Immortality in the slot. OG gained a lot of momentum through this one team fight and eventually, they claimed the bottom barracks of Team Liquid. However, Team Liquid didn’t lose hope and continued to team fight against OG with Aegis of Immortality this time in their hands.

With forty two minutes into the game, Team Liquid looked strong to take down OG’s line-up but OG had superior tactics in their mind which resulted into the huge team fight in the favor of OG where they secured four kills on Team Liquid’s line-up. Later on, OG pushed the mid lane and with no buy backs on the core heroes, Team Liquid had to tap out ‘GG’. OG tied the series 1-1 and the fate of both the teams relied on the decisive third game of the series.

OG’s line-up Team Liquid’s line-up
Vengeful Spirit – Fly Lion – JerAx
Beastmaster – MoonMeander Bristleback – FATA
Elder Titan – Cr1t Lifestealer – Matumbaman
Lycan – Miracle Dark Seer – MinD_ContRoL
Juggernaut – BigDaddyNotail Riki – Kuroky

Third game

In the third and decisive game, OG claimed the first blood by killing Kuroky’s Riki in the Radiant jungle. But with the help of fasting pushing line-up, Dire’s tier one top tower was destroyed before five minute mark. With fifteen minutes into the game, OG had good momentum on their line-up because they roamed so much around the map and securing kills on Team Liquid’s core heroes. OG continued to put pressure on Team Liquid’s line-up and by twenty minute mark, they had the control over whole map.

The game was balanced until Team Liquid managed to find two kills and took tier two top tower at forty minute mark. However, OG responded with a major objective in which they claimed mid barracks as well as two kills. Then, they moved onto the top lane where they started to take tier three tower.

Later on, OG wiped the whole line-up of Team Liquid and with no hope left, Team Liquid called ‘GG’. With this series, Team Liquid will take 3rd/4th position while OG will move onto the grand finals of ESL One Frankfurt 2016 where they’ll face Natus Vincere shortly.

OG’s line-up Team Liquid’s line-up
Dazzle – Fly Lion – JerAx
Beastmaster – MoonMeander Magnus – FATA
Earth Spirit – Cr1t Slark – Matumbaman
Tiny – Miracle Lifestealer – MinD_ContRoL
Naga Siren – BigDaddyNotail Riki – Kuroky

Do you think that OG will be able to defend their title at ESL One Frankfurt 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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