Northern Arena 2016 Day 3 predictions 2016-09-03 14-10-40

Rogue vs Complexity

Going into this match Complexity are the clear favorites, they have a much more experienced lineup and have only fallen to Cloud9 so far in this tournament. Seeing how Cloud9 are riding a great high, it is fair to say that it was not unexpected. Meanwhile, Complexity Gaming struggled to close out games against the weakest team in the entire event in ACE Gaming. Hinting towards an easy win for Rogue.

Also, if you compare the star power on both sides, Rogue comes out with a clear edge. They have the likes of CadiaN, glace, and HS who have all performed well against Tier 3 teams in the past and this should be no different. As for Maniac and Tenzki they are experienced support players who are capable of reading weaker teams like Complexity, so it is hard to see Complexity out-call Rogue either. Any way you slice it, Rogue comes out on top here.

Our pick: 2-0 for Rogue

Heroic vs Optic Gaming

If Optic Gaming had their full lineup, then this would have one hell of a match. However, Tarik could not make it and Daps is simply not willing to do his best with a team that kicked him out. It is an awkward situation that takes away from the team play of Optic Gaming as well as their firepower.

On the other side, Heroic are on a roll with comfortable wins over both Selfless and WinterFox. They have a potential star player in Valde and rest are carrying their weight without any issues, apart from Cloud9 they don’t really have any threats in this tournament. Optic gaming should just be another team on the way to the finals where the North American powerhouse will probably end up meeting with them.

Our pick: 2-0 for Heroic

Clolud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

CLG are in a very bad place right now, regardless of what their last two matches may suggest to some of you. They lost their two most valuable players and are now trying to develop new talent to just stay relevant. There is a clear lack of synergy, but at least SubRoza and nahtE are showing up to play. So far they have been the best part of this version of CLG and it should give them enough to pull off a respectable amount of rounds against Cloud9, but that is about it.

Simply because Cloud9 are a level above CLG right now, they are on a 12 game win streak and are showing no signs of slowing down. Stewie2k and Autimatic have bought the fresh aggressive play that is allowing the veterans to stabilize and return to form. Skadoodle is a great example of that as we can see him gaining that fearsome form again with the big green gun. Jordan “n0thing” gilbert should also be mentioned as he put up as solid 30 bombs yesterday to win the map. They have the confidence and momentum necessary to make it all the way in this event.

Expect Cloud9 to power through Counter Logic Gaming and make their way to face the EU depiction in Heroic.

Our Pick: Cloud9 win 2-0

Immortals vs Selfless Gaming

Immortals have pulled off some crazy upsets in the past, most notably trumping NIP-Gaming in Dreamhack. However, since then a lot of has changed and they haven’t been anywhere near their peak. Even in this tournament the struggled greatly to close out maps against the likes of NRG and Renegades, who on paper should be a level below them. It is clear that Zews is yet to mesh in with the team properly and the star duo if hen1 and lucas are simply falling off.

As for Selfless Gaming, they have looked a lot stronger than I originally expected. They took down CLG, Splyce, and WinterFox in convincing fashion and almost sneaked in a victory of Heroic. The trio of Brehze, no_one, and Nifty have shown great synergy and mitch and Kaboose is doing a great job of simply giving them space and utility necessary to succeed. The team has the structure to pull off some upsets and that is exactly what we think they will do. Yes, we will take the risk and call for a Selfless win over Immortals here.

Our Pick: Selfless pull off the upset 2-1


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