New Hero for HotS

Heroes of the Storm – New hero releasing tomorrow, patch notes delayed



Today, Blizzard have released a new hero for Hero’s of the Storm. The new hero is known as Greymane which is believed to be a leader of Worgen. The powerful and mobility skills of Greymane make him even more deadly for the enemies.

Greymane is a unique hero which can be switched between ranged (human) and melee (Worgen) position. This kind of mobility gives this hero a large range of different skills both in combat and item builds.


Greymane HotSGreymane can do a huge amount of damage in a short space of time but on the other hand, he is also very squishy and can be burst down with the same steps against him. He has almost no option to avoid huge burst damage making him heavily reliant on pure mobility. If he is out of position in the game, then it would be very easy to burst him down.

Blizzard has also confirmed that the patch changes won’t take place tomorrow. The patch release date is postponed and no one really knows when it will be released. Most of the professional players have reacted negatively with the statement by Blizzard. But it’ll be a matter of time when the patch will be released.


What are your thoughts on the new hero in Heroes of the Storm? Let us know in the comments below.




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