NA LCS Spring 2016 Week 3 Tips: Matches 5-6

Immortals vs Renegades

Looking at Immortals’ 4-0 streak and Renegades’ weak start due to visa issues, this should be a no-brainer. We have yet to see the main roster of Renegades play, so until they have their visa issues fixed, it does not look good. Immortals have been displaying their dominance, especially last week in their game against Team Impulse. Winning at 18:16, with all turrets down, no deaths, no objectives lost, and no turrets lost, they made LCS history with the fastest match ever played. Immortals are looking like the #1 contender for first in the NA LCS with this amazing start.

Immortals Logo

Prediction – Immortals

Liquid vs Team Impulse

So far, Liquid has not been looking good with their 10-man roster, which has now become 9 with IWillDominate’s retirement. This week, we will see Fabbbyyy’s debut performance though, and with the hype that came with him joining the team a month ago, he will possibly be the “gatekeeper” that will unlock Liquid’s potential. But, Team Impulse has been on a 2 win streak since last week, so they will be going strong into this week. I believe that Liquid’s decision to put in Fabbbyyy this week will bring them back into the spotlight.

Team Liquid Logo

Prediction – Liquid


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