NA LCS Spring 2016 Week 3 Tips: Matches 3-4

Team Liquid vs NRG Esports

This prediction should be quite easy. With Team Liquid finally winning their first game last week, they are going to struggle against this rookie team. So far, their 10-man roster is not looking so bright, but hopefully they will be able to find a configuration that will bring that back up. On the other hand, NRG has been dominating these past two weeks. The only game they lost was against another fellow rookie team, Immortals. We will see which rookie team will end up shining brighter in the weeks to come. Easily, I believe NRG will demolish Team Liquid.

NRG eSports Logo

Prediction – NRG Esports


Counter Logic Gaming vs Echo Fox

With Echo Fox struggling with visa problems since the beginning of the season, we have not been able to see the main team play. Until that happens, I do not see them doing well against CLG, especially if they can learn how to set up Darshan and Huhi to carry the team. Going off recent games though, CLG will beat Echo Fox for now. Hopefully, we will be able to see what Echo Fox can do when their visa issues are fixed.

Counter Logic Gaming Logo

Prediction – Counter Logic Gaming


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