NA LCS Betting Tips – 16th-17th Jan

Day 1 / Week 1 of NA LCS Betting Tips


This weekend marks the start of the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, so with that under way, there are bets to be made! With the additions of new teams and first-time LCS players. These betting tips will mainly favour the teams with experience until we can see how each team plays out progressively.

Cloud 9 vs Immortals

With Cloud 9 keeping most of their roster the same this split, I believe they can fare well against Immortals. Yet, Immortals’ experienced roster with former Fnatic teammates and other LCS players will hopefully hold up against Cloud 9. For this match, I am favoring Cloud 9 due to their previously established performance at Worlds and NA LCS Summer Playoffs. Maybe this new team of Immortals will win, but for now, Cloud 9 is a safer pick.

Prediction – Cloud 9 to Win

Cloud 9 Logo

Team Dignitas vs NRG eSports

Here, we have another veteran team versus a new team. With Team Dignitas performing well enough to keep their LCS spot for so long, but not good enough to earn them a top spot, I do not agree with their two new LCS players joining the team. On the other hand, I am a fan of the Korean hype train and I can see NRG eSports going far with their Korean-heavy team. For this match, I recommend NRG eSports because of their players’ experience and prestige.

Prediction – NRG esports to Win

NRG eSports Logo

Renegades vs Team Liquid

Coming off of first place last split, Team Liquid is going into this new season with force (and a 10-man roster). Although Renegades is a new team this split, they are lead by long-time players Alex Ich and Crumbzz. Not knowing how Team Liquid is going to deal with all their players, betting on them throughout the season may go either way sporadically. Simply coming off a dominating performance in the Summer Split, I will have to go with Team Liquid for this match though.

Prediction – Team Liquid to Win

Team Liquid Logo

Echo Fox vs Team Impulse

Here is another old team vs new team match. Although Team Impulse features 3 new players that are new to the competitive scene, I strongly believe in their choices to bring them onto the team, especially when they are run by management that was able to place them high in the LCS rankings. But, we see a big name, Froggen, on the other hand. With their newly formed team, we will have to see how well they play together before assuring bets on them. For now, I would choose Team Impulse over Echo Fox because I believe in their roster decisions.

Prediction – Team Impulse to Win

Team Impulse Logo




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