MVP.Phoenix did it again, the champions of WePlay League season 3

MVP WePlay win

MVP.Phoenix are the champions of WePlay League season 3

MVP.Phoenix recently won the grand finals of WePlay League season 3 against Vega Squadron. Both of these teams faced off each other thrice in this tournament before.

In the lower bracket finals, Vega Squadron defeated Evil Geniuses to meet the pride of Korea, MVP.Phoenix in the best-of-five grand finals of WePlay League season 3.

The first two games of the series involved Kim ‘QO’ Seon-Yeob’s disastrous hero, Slardar to which, Vega Squadron had no answer and thus, they lost the first two games of the series.

First game

The first game of the best-of-five series introduced a tanky heroes draft from the side of MVP.Phoenix. The game was in the favor of MVP.Phoenix from the very first minute because Vega Squadron had no proper counter for the tanky line-up of MVP.Phoenix and thus, they called ‘GG’.

MVP.Phoenix’s line-up Vega Squadron’s line-up
Slardar – QO Puck – Noone-
Doom – DuBu Lone Druid – Mag-
Witch Doctor – Febby Crystal Maiden – CeMaTheSlayeR
Invoker – MentalProtector Juggernaut – Fn
Tidehunter – Forev Spirit Breaker – SoloLineAbuse

Second game

In the opening of the second game, Vega Squadron left Slardar unbanned which, once again, created a lot of troubles for them. Moreover, MVP.Phoenix drafted a very balanced line-up in which AOE slows, stuns, silences etc. all were involved. Their brilliant line-up outplayed the entire line-up of Vega Squadron.

With the passage of time, Slardar became impossible to take down with his core items like Blink Dagger, Armlet, and Heart of Tarrasque. On the other hand, Puck had only brown boots along with a Blink Dagger and a nearly finished Eul’s Scepter. Besides QO, Lee ‘Forev’ Sang-Don also broke the record of building fastest Bloodthorn (22 minutes) in patch 6.87.

MVP.Phoenix’s line-up Vega Squadron’s line-up
Slardar – QO Puck – Noone-
Earth Spirit – DuBu Faceless Void – Mag-
Witch Doctor – Febby Dazzle – CeMaTheSlayeR
Venomancer – MentalProtector Gyrocopter – Fn
Nature’s Prophet – Forev Doom – SoloLineAbuse

Third game

In the third game, Vega Squadron picked Slardar for themselves and this time, Vega Squadron were the one which couldn’t be stopped. Slardar grouped up with Ember Spirit in the mid lane to stop QO’s mid lane farm and experience. Vega Squadron put all of their efforts in this game which resulted into a great success for them and the series was forced to a fourth game.

MVP.Phoenix’s line-up Vega Squadron’s line-up
Windranger – QO Ember Spirit – Noone-
Witch Doctor – DuBu Dark Seer  – Mag-
jakiro – Febby Disruptor – CeMaTheSlayeR
Doom – MentalProtector Slardar – Fn
Juggernaut – Forev Earth Spirit – SoloLineAbuse

Fourth game

Vega Squadron were in a desperate position to force the series to a fifth game and they used the same strategy as they used to eliminate Evil Geniuses with a Drow Ranger but it was instantly countered by MVP.Phoenix’s heroes, a safe lane Alchemist and mid lane Venomancer against Noone’s Viper.

Alchemist farmed Armlet and Boots of Travel in just a glimpse of time and after then, he began to roam around the map to find kills. Venomancer’s poison slow on the top of Lich’s Frozen slow created a lot of pressure on Vega Squadron’s line-up and thus, they were wiped three times by MVP.Phoenix.

With only 15 minutes into the game, Alchemist built Manta Style and Radiance, which snatched the trophy of WePlay League season 3 from Vega Squadron.

MVP.Phoenix’s line-up Vega Squadron’s line-up
Alchemist – QO Viper – Noone-
Witch Doctor – DuBu Nature’s Prophet – Mag-
Lich – Febby Disruptor – CeMaTheSlayeR
Venomancer – MentalProtector Drow Ranger – Fn
Doom – Forev Enchantress – SoloLineAbuse

MVP.Phoenix finished in the top four position at the Shanghai Major which is a great achievement for them considering their new roster. Moreover, they also won two LAN events in a single month and due to their solid performance, they’ve been invited to Manila Major.

Do you think that the pride of Korea, MVP.Phoenix will be able to achieve big in The International 6? Let us know in the comments below.

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