MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier Day 1 pre-match analysis

Fasten your seat belts guys, MLG Columbus 2016 main qualifiers are upon us! 16 teams from all over will battle it out for a slot at the major, which will sport an impressive $1 million in prize money and a trophy representing glory earned by hard work. The event will be taking place in the eSports arena located in Columbus Ohio and will sport the usual live streaming services for the fans to feast their eyes on.

Now we have a lot of matches coming up today, which will feature a double-elimination format. Unfortunately, it seems they are still insisting on making the matches BO1, so there is always that chance of a sudden upset, which while making things interesting can sometimes put the overall better teams in a dicey situation. As always we will layout our analysis for the matches and you can use the knowledge to make better decisions when betting. Let’s begin!

Team Liquid vs HellRaisers

We start off with a potentially explosive match between Team Liquid and HellRaisers. Both sides have gone through a lot of drastic changes throughout the years and while Team Liquid is clearly focusing on having a more skill heavy team now with S1MPLE abroad, HellRaisers have lost most of their heavy hitters in Dosia and Markeloff. Even without Koosta, Team Liquid seem to be the more explosive team on paper here. Also, let’s not forget that this is S1MPLE’s first official LAN tournament with the organization, so he will be going into this firing on all cylinders. The young Ukrainian can definitely be the super star that NA never had and individually there is simply no one on HellRaisers who can match him. Sure Oskar and Kucher will try, but a S1MPLE backed up by the likes of Nitro and Hiko will be too hard to stop for Kucher and co. Expect HellRaisers to go down in flames, assuming the map vetoes are done properly by Team Liquid.

Our pick: Team Liquid
Risk: Medium

Mousesports vs Team YouPorn

This is one of the more one-sided matches we have today, to be honest, Mousesports should easily run over team YouPorn. Why? Let us look at each team’s recent performance and compare the level they have been playing at. Mousesports went down in close battles against the likes of NIP and Gamers2, who are without a doubt some of the better teams that the world of CS GO has to offer. Whereas YP fell to the likes of E-Frag and Orgless, who are nowhere near the same level. Even individually the players of Mousesports have far exceeded anything anyone on YP has done in recent months, Niko, in particular, has become an absolute beast since joining the team and has visibly made Nex & Dennis regain some confidence, who both were not performing at their usual level before. The only man in doubt would probably be ChrisJ, who seem to be a switch that turns on and off for no reason. Sometimes he is a world-class sniper who can take down anyone in the game and other times he is just the sub-par player who can barely hit standard shots. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change that fact that even with a slumping ChrisJ and an underperforming Dennis, Mouz should run over YP here due to their far superior map pool and skill ceiling. Sure there is some talent on YP with the likes of DavCost and Dima, but they aren’t at a refined enough state to be considered serious enough threats to take down Mouz.

Our Pick: Mousesports
Risk: Low

Selfless vs FlipSid3 Tactics

No people, we don’t have a random team going against FlipSid3 Tactics, it is just the EnemyGG squad under a different name. Goes without saying that only noticeable star on Selfless is Koosta, who has carried them through many matches to get here. However, that won’t be enough against Markeloff and co who are clearly the favorites going into this one on the back of their superior skill level across the board and experience. Granted FlipSid3 are no Tier 1 team themselves, but they are still one of the gatekeepers on the way. Expect Koosta to try his best and get in big numbers, but ultimately Bondik and co will break in and close out the game.

Our Pick: FlipSid3 Tactics
Risk: Medium

Gamers2 vs Tempo Storm

Probably the most exciting opening matches of the day, we will be seeing the French legends go up against the up and coming Brazilian squad who took the scene by storm. Now to the crushing part, can Tempo Storm continue their rise to greater success against a team like Gamers 2? I don’t think so. Simply because I don’t think they have the necessary experience yet to grind out a game against such an experience French squad, led by arguably one of the greatest IGL in the region’s history. The up and coming talent in Hen1 and Felps are undoubtedly capable of doing serious damage, but just like it was the case with Luminosity Gaming in the earlier days, they will need more time and experience to break off to the next level. Expect this to be a great match where the Brazilians will try to use their new found momentum to make bold plays, but EX6 and co will eventually weather the storm and come out on top.

Our Pick: Gamers2
Risk: Medium

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  • author image
    rvxavalanche Reply
    Feb 27, 2016 @ 12:18 pm

    I’m a bit of late for this :p But nice analysis SCA.

  • author image
    Rekksay Reply
    Feb 26, 2016 @ 14:13 pm

    Great analysis as always loved ur esl ones before

  • author image
    Pr0l1f1k Reply
    Feb 26, 2016 @ 13:57 pm

    Looking forward to the team liquid match. Markeloff is a beast.


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