Match fixing allegations for suspiciously taken off


It is a relatively known thing that Valve does not take cheating or match fixing in a positive light, if anything they are more extreme than most when handing out punishment for such acts.

Now not more than a week ago we saw a statement from players that they were apparently offered to throw a match by the owner of skin jackpot website during the Operation Kinguin 2 tournament. As a result the squad refused and moved on to a different organization called Pixel Fire Gaming, understandably to stay away any problems that may arise for being related to an organization that forces you throw a match

However yesterday in an unexpected statement, Beiderwiedan said that it was actually a team manager who set the whole thing up and the management themselves had nothing to do with it. As a result the manager in question has been fired, while the team itself will now remain active cleared off all the match fixing allegations.  This also allows them to once again be a part of the CS GO scene supposedly in a clean state. However we don’t think the situation is as simple and as a result won’t include any analysis from whatever team acquires in the future, simply because shady organizations aren’t the way to go when betting.

You guys can read the official statement here


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