Manila Major SEA qualifiers: Top four teams revealed


Manila Major SEA qualifiers semi-finals starting today

In the Manila Major, Mineski, Orange-Taring, Execration and TnC are the top four teams that will advance for the next round of the SEA qualifiers while other six teams have been eliminated.

At the start of the first day of the SEA qualifiers, WG.Unity and Mineski dominated the stage with their strong performance however, WG.Unity failed to perform well in their next series and got eliminated by Orange-Taring eventually. Orange-Taring, the uprising team of Malaysia, outclassed WG.Unity as well as Next Generation eSports with a perfect score of 2-0 through their dominating performance.

Group A
Team Played Win Loss Points
TnC 8 7 1 7
Execration 8 5 3 5
Signature.Trust 8 4 4 4
Mongolz 8 3 5 3
Rave 8 1 7 1


Group B
Team Played Win Loss Points
Mineski 8 7 1 7
Orange-Taring 8 6 2 6
WG.Unity 8 5 3 5
AcA 8 1 7 1
NGE 8 1 7 1

In Group A, Execration stunned every other opponent by their breathtaking performance throughout the entire qualifiers. With the victory of Mongolz over Signature.Trust, Execration position was in danger but luckily, Mongolz were only able to grab that solo victory in the whole qualifying series.

Among the six eliminated teams, Rave were also the part of them. The team have three players who have been serving the roster since they managed to get 5th position at DotA 2 Asia Championships last year. However, in Manila Major SEA qualifiers, they were able to grab only one win out of eight games played.

The second round of the SEA qualifiers will include the top four teams competing against each other in a double elimination bracket in which the winner of the best-of-five upper bracket grand finals will proceed to the Manila Major.

Which team do you think can win the Manila Major SEA qualifiers? Let us know in the comments below.

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