joinDota League – season 10 – SEA analysis – July 5th


joinDota League – season 10 – SEA

Tuesday, 5th of July

On July 5th, two series will take place at joinDota League – season 10 – SEA between Gse7en and Mineski-X, and Power Gaming and First Departure. Below is our prediction for both the series.

Gse7en vs Mineski-X – 10:30 UTC

The first best-of-two series will take place between Gse7en and Mineski-X. Currently, the performance of both the teams is terrible and both of them are struggling hard to survive in the competition. However, Mineski-X seem to be stronger than Gse7en on the basis of experience and team fight potential.

Therefore, in our opinion, this series between Gse7en and Mineski-X should end up in a draw situation at joinDota League – season 10 – SEA.

Our pick: Draw

Chances of draw: 65%

Bet range: Medium

Bet status: Good


Power Gaming vs First Departure – 13:00 UTC

The second series of the day will be played between Power Gaming and First Departure. After the arrival of ddz in the roster, Power Gaming have become much more powerful and with the presence of T1TaN, the whole squad is crushing through the opponent teams. On the other hand, the status of First Departure in the DotA 2 competitive scene is the same as of Mineski-X and Gse7en. They’re struggling hard to acquire points in order to survive in the tournament.

Therefore, in our opinion, Power Gaming should be able to grab the victory against First Departure in the best-of-two series at joinDota League – season 10 – SEA.

Our pick: Power Gaming

Chances of Power Gaming to win: 70%

Bet range: Medium – High

Bet status: Very good


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