joinDota League – season 10 – EU analysis – June 29th


joinDota League – season 10 – EU

Wednesday, 29th of June

Our finest analysis for joinDota League – season 10 – EU is finally here and from now onwards, we’ll try to give a give quick match prediction for almost every match that will take place in the DotA 2 tournaments.

On June 29th, only one match will be played in joinDota League – season 10 – EU and the two teams that will be competing against each other are the ones that gave tough time to Team Secret in the open qualifiers of The International 6. Those two teams are ProDota Gaming and Team Toast.

ProDota Gaming vs Team Toast – 18:00 UTC

The best-of-one series between ProDota Gaming and Team Toast will definitely feature some wild actions in the game as both of these teams are capable of taking big team fights and making right decisions at the right time. We just saw how ProDota Gaming were able to give tough time to Team Secret in the open qualifiers of The International 6. With the efficient master plan in the mind of Ylli ‘garter’ Ramadani’s Sven, ProDota Gaming were almost there to defeat the masters of Dota, Team Secret. Unfortunately, with the lack of Refresher Orb in the inventory of Sven, ProDota Gaming were unable to conquer their objective in the game and thus, they were knocked out from road to The International 6.

Despite having failure against Team Secret, ProDota Gaming really gave tough time by controlling the team fight almost every single team. Their orientation and execution style are very good and they can easily control the team fights against the teams of their level.

With the strong performance in The International 6 open qualifiers, we think that ProDota Gaming have a good chance to win the best-of-one series against Team Toast at joinDota League – season 10 – EU.

Series winner prediction: ProDota Gaming

Chances: 65%

Bet range: Medium

Bet status: Good


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