Jan 18th – NA LCS Betting Tips

Day 2 / Week 1 of NA LCS Betting Tips

Day 1 of the NA LCS was full of upsets from new teams, as they all defeated teams coming in from last year’s Summer Split. My day 1 predictions were very off because I believed a veteran status would help teams win, but that was not the case. Now, we have Day 2, Week 1 of the NA LCS, which features a lot more unseen matchups from the new teams. With Riot Games’ emphasis on the AD carry, which started from the preseason, we’ve seen a lot more games being decided by the winner of botlane. We will still see this trend in these matches to come as well.

Renegades vs NRG eSports

With both of these teams currently 1-0, with their first matches against veteran teams, underestimation was done by me in predicting both of these teams would lose yesterday. Still new to the scene though, Renegades had a much more dominating performance against a better team, Liquid, with Freeze, one of the best ADCs from the EU LCS, going 11/2/7 against Piglet. With the bottom lane synergy of Freeze and Remi, along with solid performances from the rest of the team, I see Renegades taking this game over NRG.

Renegades Logo

Prediction – Renegades to Win @ 13/8

Team Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming

Here, we have a classic matchup, but with entirely different teams. With CLG coming off a decent placing at IEM San Jose and their performance yesterday against TSM, I can easily see them beating Team Dignitas. Faced against an all star bot lane featuring Doublelift and Yellowstar, Stixxay and Aphromoo had an outstanding performance against them. I can see that performance persisting and going even harder against a weaker botlane of Kiwikid and Apollo. CLG’s botlane did not just do all of that work by themselves. Xmithie but on an outstanding performance with 14 assists, putting his KDA in 2nd place out of the entire LCS, only behind Stixxay. Just like the match before this, I see CLG’s botlane defeating Dignitas’ early on, which will lead into a snowball to defeat Dignitas.

Counter Logic Gaming Logo

Prediction – Counter Logic Gaming to Win @ 2/9

TSM vs Liquid

Again, we see another veteran vs veteran matchup, but with one team obviously having a better time adjusting to their new players. Until I see TSM’s botlane fix their synergy (which they have a ton of potential to do), I cannot see them winning games without it. With a solid performance by Piglet and the new player, Smoothie, I see them beating out Doublelift and Yellowstar for now, until they figure out each other. In this match, I find that it will be very close, but Liquid will end up winning due to their better botlane.

Team Liquid Logo

Prediction – Liquid to Win @ 7/4

Echo Fox vs Cloud9

Again, with both of these teams matches yesterday, we have seen what their botlanes can do to affect the game. When a snowball begins in the botlane, it allows for the rest of the team to snowball with the botlane roaming assistance. With Keith steamrolling against a long-time player, Mash, we can see that new talent is starting to overshadow the old. With Keith and Big going against Sneaky and Bunny FuFuu, Echo Fox’s botlane will be able to destroy Cloud9’s, which will make them unable to start up any fights with their well-known team synergy. Do not underestimate the new teams, because Rick Fox’s Echo Fox will beat Cloud9.

Echo Fox Logo

Prediction – Echo Fox to Win @ 9/4

Immortals vs Team Impulse

Following in suit of all of my previous predictions, Immortals’ Wildturtle and Adrian botlane obviously have a stronger hand against Team Impulse’s Mash and Ken. It was quite surprising seeing all of yesterday’s matches feature the botlane as the game decider. With Wildturtle and Adrian in 3rd and 4th place in KDA, just behind CLG’s ADC and jungler, this botlane is a force to be reckoned with. Based off of the incredible botlane synergy and the dominance of the new teams, Immortals will beat Team Impulse.

Immortals Logo

Prediction – Immortals to Win @ 1/3





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