IEM Katowice 2016 groups drawn, A becomes this year’s death circle


Just a few minutes ago the guys over at IEM shuffled around with elite teams and drew the groups for Katowice 2016. With CS GO now being bigger and more competitive than ever before, it was obvious that no group was going to be easy. However this year’s group A turned out to be a real nightmare, just take a look!


As you guys can see, while group B has some big names in Team EnvyUS, Astralis and Virtus Pro, it gets undermined by the nightmarish lineup on group A. Sporting the current world champion in FNATIC and arguably the second best team in NA` Vi as well as the ultimate dark horse Luminosity Gaming, Nico’s new and improved Mousesports and finally the returning NIP.

However on the flipside, we feel that deciding the group A favorites aren’t that hard in FNATIC. Mainly due to their recent resilience shown against both Luminosity Gaming and NA `Vi , whereas NIP and Mouz are just a level below right now.

Whereas for group B, the top spot will probably be contested a lot more. While Team EnvyUS are well ahead of everyone in terms of raw skill, their demons in Virtus.Pro are also there to neutralize the threat. Astralis are caught dead in the middle as both Virtus.Pro and TeamEnvyUS are teams they struggle against. Whoever becomes the NA qualifier will also play a big part, making it a more interesting group than many may think at first glance.

Whatever happens one thing is for certain, IEM Katowice is going to be a betting man’s dream with such intense groups and upsets will rain down. Be ready guys, it is going to be one hell of a ride and as always we will have you covered come March 4th,2016 with our pre match analysis.

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    Feb 1, 2016 @ 8:28 am



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