HOTS 2016 Spring Global Major Championship details revealed


Now that Heart of the Storm has reached a more developed state in competitive gaming, we are all se to experience its first exclusive major tournament! This event will take place as a part of Blizzards league like series championship and will sport an impressive $500,000 prize pool in total. The winner will obviously take the lion’s share of the winning at $150,000, while the rest will split among the remaining teams. The tournament is planned to go live at 7:00 pm PDT on March 31st and will conclude at April 2.

What format will the major sport?

The tournament will be split into three different stages, with each working in synergy with the next. Setting up matches as they move along.

Double Elimination First Group Stage: Eight teams battle it out in two groups of four, with four teams advancing to Group Stage Two.

Double Elimination Second Group Stage: Four winning teams from Group Stage One challenge the four teams who placed highest in the China, Korea, Europe, and North America regions. Four teams advance to the Single Elimination Playoff Bracket.

Single Elimination Playoff Bracket: Four teams play off to find out who will become the first 2016 Global Champion. All matches leading up to the grand final will be best-of-three, and the top two teams will face off in a best-of-five Grand Final.

How will the prize money be distributed among 12 teams?

1st – $150,000

2nd – $75,000

3rd-4th – $50,000

5th-6th – $37,500

7th-8th – $25,000

9th-12th – $12,500

What about the groups and matches?
As mentioned before there will be two groups in each stages that will move along creating new match ups. Below you can find all the battles Blizzard has officially listed

Stage 1
Group A:
Korea Seed 2 – TBD: Super League, March 20
Europe Seed 2 – mYinsanity
Taiwan – TBD: Taiwan Spring Regional, March 13
Latin America – TBD: Copa America, March 19

Group B:
China Seed 2 – EDward Gaming
North America Seed 2 – Team Naventic
Southeast Asia – Renovatio
Australia – Negative Synergy

Matches for Stage 1
Korea vs Latin America
North America vs Southeast Asia
Europe vs Taiwan
China vs Australia/New Zealand

Stage 2
Group A:
China Seed 1 – eStar Gaming
North America Seed 1 – Cloud9
Random First Group Stage Winning Team
Random First Group Stage Winning Team

Group B:
Korea Seed 1- TBD: Super League, March 20
Europe Seed 1 – Team Dignitas
Random First Group Stage Winning Team
Random First Group Stage Winning Team

Note that Stage 2 matches will be determined based on the result of Stage 1.

Where to watch?
If you can’t make it there in person then your best bet is to obviously tune in for the LIVE streams. Both English and Korean Streams will be offered


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