Hi it’s Rudy. Jungle Only

So, Rudy is set to play in the jungle for Unicorns of Love in their fixture against Roccat tomorrow. An interesting development, to say the least. Who is Rudy, some of you may be asking. Well… where do I start?

A Wild Rudy Appeared!roccat vs uol 2016

Anybody who has played or witnessed a game with Rudy in it will know that Rudy really likes to get the team spirit going straight from the off—by insta-locking jungle, regardless of both pick order and whether or not somebody has already claimed that role. Fortunately for Unicorns of Love, this won’t be an issue for them. In fact, I think they’d probably be quite upset if Rudy decided he didn’t want to play jungle for once when they face off against Roccat tomorrow.

While Rudy being subbed in seems definite (if not a little shocking, thanks to the general attitude of the community towards Rudy), whether or not Rudy will introduce himself as he does outside of the LCS remains to be seen. I guess we’ll have to watch the action tomorrow to find out!

rudy uol jungle week 4

ROC vs. UOL: My Prediction

Roccat have been struggling. They’ve had a disappointing run of games and I can’t see them recovering, even with Djoko being benched for this match. I do feel their performance against H2K was an indication that they’re due a win soon so the result of tomorrow’s game may rest on Rudy’s ability to meld with the remainder of the Unicorns—and his ability to cope with the pressure of the LCS. After all, Rudy is currently ranked third in Solo Queue, so despite his social shortcomings, there’s certainly some talent behind his mysterious jungle-fetish façade!

My money is on Unicorns.


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