Global Grand Masters analysis – June 17th


Global Grand Masters

Friday, 17th of June

The brand new competitive tournament, Global Grand Masters has already began with a lot of action going around.

On June 17th, only one series will be played and the teams will be PowerRangers and Ad Finem.

PowerRangers vs Ad Finem – 15:00 UTC

The first and only series to be played on June 17th at Global Grand Masters will be between PowerRangers and Ad Finem. Currently, the situation of both of the teams isn’t good and both of them are struggling hard in the competitive scene. PowerRangers had good time in the past when Ar1se joined the team in the Spring Shuffle period. But after performing well in couple of tournaments, they started to fall behind the other teams in the DotA 2 competitive scene.

On the other hand, Ad Finem are also going through a bad phase in the tournaments and it looks like they need more practice with the current Meta to dominate the opponent team.

Although it is a very hard series to predict out, but in our opinion, PowerRangers have a better chance than Ad Finem to win the best-of-three series at Global Grand Masters.

Series winner prediction: PowerRangers

Chances of PowerRangers to win:

  • 2-0: 35%
  • 2-1: 65%

Bet range: Low

Bet status: Risky


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