Global Grand Masters analysis – July 4th


Global Grand Masters

Monday, 4th of July

The teams participating in Global Grand Masters are showing their top-notch team power. Most of them are new in the DotA 2 competitive scene.

On July 4th, two best-of-three series will be played at Global Grand Masters. Below is our complete analysis for the series to be played.

Alliance vs FlipSid3 Tactics – 14:00 UTC

The first best-of-three series of the day will be played between Alliance and FlipSid3 Tactics. In the recent times, both of the teams faced some ups and downs in the DotA 2 competitive scene. Even now, they are struggling hard to attain their best position in the world.

Alliance’s drafting style

The whole squad of Alliance is known for their “ratting’ strategy for a long time. The first objective of Alliance is to distract their opponent heroes. While the second objective is completed by the cores in the team. Additionally, they try to push out the other lanes. Moreover, Alliance draft such kind of line-up which is capable of fighting 4 versus 5. They always try to create space for one of their cores by keeping him away from the team fight. The other thing about Alliance is that their execution style is very unique in the team fights. They are always patient in the early stages of the game. Once the opponent heroes try to initiate on them, they instantly respond them by counter-initiation.

AdmiralBulldog often tries to take out the supports in the opponent team. This results into the space creation for the cores in the team.

FlipSid3 Tactics’ drafting style

The whole roster of FlipSid3 Tactics was formed a couple of months ago. FlipSid3 Tactics are a renowned team in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but when it comes to DotA 2, they are relatively new and it will take some time for them to make their spot in the list of popular DotA 2 teams.

In all the tournaments they’ve played so far, the drafting style of FlipSid3 Tactics is pretty much the same. They try to create as much space as they can for their cores and once they’re all farmed, the whole team gather up as five and take the main objectives in the game.

Final prediction

By looking at the experience level, team communication and synergy status, Alliance are found out to be a better side. Therefore, in our opinion, they should win the best-of-three series against FlipSid3 Tactics at Global Grand Masters.

Our pick: Alliance

Chances of Alliance to win:

2-0: 55%

2-1: 75%

Bet range: Medium – High

Bet status: Good


Vega Squadron vs Ad Finem – 17:30 UTC

The second series of the day will be played between Vega Squadron and Ad Finem. In the past couple of tournaments, Ad Finem have been performing phenomenally well and it looks like they are taking full advantage of the new Meta.

Vega Squadron’s drafting style

Vega Squadron’s line-up is somewhat similar to the traditional CIS teams. All of the CIS teams try to pick ganking line-up which have the potential to easily take down the cores of the opponent team. Once this strategy become successful, they start to farm on all of their heroes including position four and five supports.

Ad Finem’s drafting style

Ad Finem did really well in The International 2016 regional qualifiers. Their excellent performance was a big shock to every team participating in the tournament.

The drafting strategy of Ad Finem is similar to Vega Squadron except they go for heavy pushing heroes as well. Additionally, their hard carry is usually the one who pushes out the safe lane and take towers for the team. Moreover, the offlaner often finds farm in the jungle. When all of their cores get a good amount of farm, they group up as five and secure towers of the enemy.

Final prediction

Vega Squadron might be a side of experienced players but, Ad Finem are in a dominating form. Therefore, in our opinion, Ad Finem should be the one to win the best-of-three series against Vega Squadron at Global Grand Masters.

Our pick: Ad Finem

Chances of Ad Finem to win:

2-0: 20%

2-1: 55%

Bet range: Low

Bet status: Risky


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