G2 Esports sign EX-Titan, an amazing business move?

Yes people! G2 Esports the organization under former League of Legends player “Ocelote” has acquired the French giants in EX-Titan, perfectly turning the unfortunate French organization shutdown to their advantage.

We are not saying that EX-Titan are not a squad worthy of signing, that they undeniably are, but given the situation where Titan were the ones who allegedly bought Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom for a whopping $150,000, this is an amazing cash cow for the folks over at G2. Not only are they getting the players for free, but can now build the squads reputation even further and sell them for massive profit, whether this is their main intention behind getting this roster, we will let the fans decide.

Also due to all the small leagues coming up, the scene don’t even require elite teams to remain active anymore. As a result all the eSports organizations are just happy to have an active team up that can represent their brand. In such a situation G2 can just keep recycling player with some start power over and over again while the ones at the top fight over the absolute elite talent. After all G2 did get a massive cash out from their former line up that is now Faze Clan by allegedly selling them off for an amazing  $700,000! And that too in a state where the smaller leagues are yet to make any big impact.

The players themselves could care less about such things and are probably just happy having a supporting organization over their head that can provide them the necessary resources, but with CS GO gaining so much ground economically who is to say that they won’t start getting personal agents who will help them realize their true value ? Because clearly players like Scream are not getting the most out of their fame and can easily squeeze out superior deals from organizations due to their insane resale value.

Meanwhile the EX-Titan management head Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries seem to be perfectly fine with the move as Titan are longer involved in the competitive gaming scene and gave the following statement:

“We are both proud and happy to announce that we are joining G2. This club has experienced an awesome development in recent months, owed mainly to the hard work of a competent management team led by Carlos. The players and I are driven by the will to build long-term relationships with the people we work with, and in that respect G2 was the best choice. After Team VeryGames and Titan, this is the beginning of a new chapter for us, and our main goal is to get back to the top of the CS: GO rankings, of which we have been out for far too long”

To see G2’s new CS GO squad in action make sure you tune into the upcoming Game Show Global eSPorts cup that is set to begin this weekend, hopefully Ocetoee sticks by his CS GO squad longer this time around!


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