Fnatic are the winners of SL i-League season 2 SEA qualifiers


Fnatic secure spot at SL i-League season 2

Fnatic recently won SL i-League season 2 SEA qualifiers by taking down Mineski in the best-of-three series. With that brilliant win, Fnatic are the first team to be qualified for the main LAN event in July.

SL i-League season 2 will feature eight teams competing against other for the prize pool of $300,000. The venue of the LAN event is located in the North American region and the tournament will take place from July 21st to July 24th. The first qualified team for the event are Fnatic which performed brilliantly in the group stages of the SEA qualifiers. They only lost one game in the whole SEA qualifiers and other than that, they demolished every single team that participated in the SL i-League season 2 SEA qualifiers.

First game

In the first game of the series, Mineski picked Doom for jungling but Fnatic realized their strategy immediately and started to pressure all three lanes. After having a good time in the offlane, Slardar started to roam around the map in order to create space for Batrider who was currently farming gold for his Blink Dagger.

With the presence of two Blink Dagger initiators, Mineski were unable to defend their cores in the team fights and eventually, they lost their momentum on Fnatic’s high ground push. Just under one wave of army, Fnatic destroyed the line-up of Mineski which forced the players of Mineski to tap out ‘GG’.

Mineski’s line-up Fnatic’s line-up
Witch Doctor – Cast Slardar – 343-fly
Doom – Julz Vengeful Spirit – Chrissy
Invoker – Benhur Batrider – Ohaiyo
Faceless Void – Bokerino Venomancer – Mushi
Mirana – Jay-Bimbo Windranger – MidOne

Second game

The second game of the series involved similar kind of line-up as picked in the first game. Despite having early dominance line-up, Mineski lost their momentum somewhere in the middle of the game and taking the advantage of the gold and experience lead, Fnatic started to snowball over the line-up of Mineski. By claiming the Aegis of Immortality, Fnatic felt very confident and took some towers on the side of Mineski. After some minutes into the game, Mineski became frustrated and decided to initiate but the superior line-up of Fnatic were prepared for the counter initiation with the blow of Tide Hunter’s Ravage and Shadow Fiend’s Requiem of Souls. With such kind of destruction, Mineski called ‘GG’ and Fnatic became the first team from SEA qualifiers to go to the main LAN event of SL i-League season 2.

Mineski’s line-up Fnatic’s line-up
Vengeful Spirit – Cast Tusk – 343-fly
Disruptor – Julz Witch Doctor – Chrissy
Mirana – Benhur Tidehunter – Ohaiyo
Doom – Bokerino Slardar – Mushi
Invoker – Jay-Bimbo Shadow Fiend – MidOne

Do you think that the comeback of Mushi in Fnatic’s roster contributed towards this great victory at SL i-League season 2 SEA qualifiers? Let us know in the comments below.

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