Evolution Championship series betrays USF4 fans, keeps Melee

If the title wasn’t obvious enough, yes, the organizer of the most prestigious open tournament in FGC Joey Cuellar has announced that we won’t see a return of USF4 this year. Naturally this started a fire in the FGC community, a gigantic portion of which are SF4 fans. What is even more surprising that the whole ‘Let’s support the latest version’ trend did not carry over to smash, as EVO will still include both majors Smash games again.
The official lineup of games for EVO 2016 can be found in the image below:

As you guys can see alongside with USF4 being ditched, we also have no BlazBlue which gave birth to many amazing moments. Not to mention it is hard to make sense out of the fact that the Smash community is the only one receiving special treatment here and getting two games added to the mix. The whole argument about those two games having different communities also don’t make sense, because if that was the case then how does anyone even know that all the SF4 players are switching to SF5? What makes the organizers think that they won’t boycott SF5 simply because they haven’t had enough time with it? There are a lot of question like these that came into play, some of them were answered in an interview taken by the guys over at Shoryuken.

We should also highlight the fact that Tekken 7 Retribution a game that is still exclusive to arcade is being featured while the biggest FGC game in history in USF4 isn’t.  The logic of including this game according to MR Wizard is mainly the fact that Bando Namco is apparently a good partner *Wink *Wink and it has Akuma so it can steal many Street Fighter fans , but won’t still won’t sport USF4 because ‘LOGIC’!

There is also a chance that maybe Capcom has behind the scene influence on this decision and are forcing EVO organizers hands to force SF4 players to switch, even if that is the case there is no reason we can’t have a public statement similar to what Valve and Riot does for some of their majors when forcing certain areas.
All said and done, we are still excited to see what SF5 brings at this year’s EVO. The franchise has been the face of the FGC for years and now that USF4 is out of the picture SF5 can ease into its place. Whether this sits well with the general fan base or not, that remains to be seen.  We for one would have loved to see USF4 simply out of respect for what did for the community and the impact it had in its prime. The guys over at EVO might have forgotten this, but SF is the franchise that gave it its biggest claim to fame in ‘EVO MOMENT 37’, the franchise made EVO, not the other way around.


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