Everything we know so far about Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods

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After many speculation and rumors, we finally have official information about Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion called ‘Whisper of the Old Gods’.

This new expansion will be the third in the game and is planned to be released in late April.  It will sport an impressive 134 new cards, which coupled with the planned standard format will make it a very interesting time for every Hearthstone player. The development team has stated that this expansion will sport a darker, more sinister theme than any of the ones before. Almost catering to the style that Warlock sports in his persona.  Now out of the 134 cards that are about to come our way, 6 have already been revealed. Which we have included below along with some analysis.

At first glance, a 6/6 for 10 Mana might look a little frail. However the battle cry ‘Deal damage equal to this minion’s attack randomly split among all enemies’ gives it some redeeming qualities. It feels like a card one would use in a control deck to last last longer in the game against aggro minions, on the flipside it can also work out at a damage dealer when the board is completely clear. No to mention that since this is a 6/6 it can’t be targeted by Big Game Hunter either and you can always make it a bigger threat by playing cards that sports synergy with it

Twilight Elder 
Speaking of cards that offer synergy, here we have Twilight Elder. Stat wise this look like an average card. It is a 3/4 for 3 Mana and can be used as a decent play to survive early rushes. However the real value of this comes when coupled with C’Thun, which it boost for +1/+1 at the end of every turn. Note that this effect takes place regardless of whether or not C’Thun is on the board, making Twilight Elder a really scary card if not dealt with quickly.

Polluted Hoarder

So here we have the evil brother of Loot Hoarder! Being exact opposite in looks but similar in act. The stat line is not that great though, you get a 4/2 for 4 Mana and when you think about it there are many options to choose from in the range. In my personal opinion this is the weakest and least innovative card revealed so far.

Validated Doomsayer

Must say, I really love the design of this card. While the standard Doomsayer often found in Freeze Mage has a very prophecy predicter like look, this one is straight up menacing. The effect it offers is also rather interesting and can help you get ahead of the game if you are already in a decent position. Unfortunately if you are already behind on board and the opponent has removals or silence at the ready this can become useless very easily. In my opinion this is a card one can use to go well ahead in the right situation but not something that will have a positive effect in a competitive game.

Corrupted Healbot

You guys have probably noticed the trend by now that this expansion sports many cards that are simply a messed up version of what we have now. The corrupted healbot does the exact opposite of its brother in Antique Healbot, while boasting a much superior stat with a 6/6 body for 5 Mana. I see this being used in mid-game and control decks for superior stability and hopefully mech synergy.

Well that’s about it for the new card reviews, you guys can pre-order the expansion to earn the shiny new card deck  as well and follow the official expansion page to keep up with upcoming reveals. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future news updates and articles centered around Hearthstone and other competitive games. aaaa



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