Esports betting markets

Esports betting markets: The basics

Esports betting markets are growing by the day and there is no sign of them slowing down.

It’s not just your standard win draw win markets any more, although they are currently most popular, you can now bet on correct game scores, map winner and handicaps.

esports betting marketsFor a premier league football match you would expect no less than 200 betting markets to be available pre-match, pretty much allowing you to bet on any outcome that could occur. In cricket you can even bet on the outcome of the coin toss at the start of the game and during Royal Ascot you can bet on the colour of the queens hat.

We are not there yet with esports betting but headway is being made as bookmakers are adding new esports betting markets regularly and this looks set to continue as esports betting activity is on the rise.

Basic esports betting markets

Match Winner 2-Way – This is the simplest bet that can be made and the easiest to understand. This is betting on which team will win. There is no tie in this bet so it’s win or lose. You will find this bet available in best of 1 and best of 3 series.

Match Winner 3-Way – Again this is a straight forward bet on the overall match result but this time there is an option for the tie. Your odds will be slightly better if you are betting on a team to win as the option of a tie increases the risk. This market is commonly found in best of 2 series.

Correct Score – Available on series with 2 or more games and you simply predict the correct score, for example in a BO3 you could predict 2-0 or 2-1 to either team. Odds tend to be pretty good for this market too.

Map Winner – As the name suggests, you bet on which team will win a particular map during the game. Like the match winner market you can bet on the 2 or 3 way market.

Match Handicap – Particularly handy when a team is strongly fancied to win, you can bet a team to win with plus or minus starting score. For example, +1.5 games. This would be available in best of 5 series as there is enough games to allow a handicap.

Total Maps Over/Under – This market gives you the chance to bet on how many maps will be played in a series. So in a BO3 you will bet over/under on 2.5 maps. For example if you bet over and the score ended 2-1 your bet would win.

As a newbie stepping into esports betting, this selection of bets will see you good whilst you get to grips to the esports scene. One of the massive benefits of betting on esports is that nearly every single game is available to watch live online. This makes betting exciting as at almost any time of the day you can find a match to bet on and watch.

We will be adding more betting market articles specific to each esport so expect to see a comprehensive guide to Dota 2, LoL, SC2 and CS:GO betting very soon!

In the meantime checkout the best esports betting sites and refer to our latest esports betting tips if you need help with your betting selections.


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