Esports betting of interest to the Nevada Government

Esports betting – Is Nevada set to push esports betting to the next level?

esports betting in las vegas

Esports betting is still relatively new and to some extent not very widely used by followers of competitive esports competitions and leagues. This maybe about change however as the home of Las Vegas has shown a strong interest in esports betting markets as a recent Las Vegas review journal states.

The Nevada Government are particularly interested in esports betting as there is no current legislation around gambling on esports so it could be a natural decision to introduce betting on esports to current sportsbooks and casinos in Nevada. This could easily bring an extra profitable asset the gambling companies and expand the options to bet for millions of visitors to the gambling capital of the world.

Las Vegas has already hosted high level esports competitions and this is only set to grow as the popularity among the masses becomes even greater.

One potential hurdle in the short term is the age limit of 21 as most esports fans and followers are for the most part under this age. As the early fans and followers grow however this will become less of a problem.

The interest is there though and it is safe to say if Nevada go for it, esports betting will be in a much stronger place!


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