ESL Pro League Season 3 Thursday, March 10th 2016 betting advice


The ESL Pro League resumed as planned yesterday after the short break caused due to IEM Katowice. Today we have EnvyUS vs FlipSid3 Tactics and Natus Vincere vs Faze Clan competing in the standard 2X B01 format. Below you can find our betting tips for them.

EnvyUS vs FlipSid3 Tactics
Envy Team Pic
The first B01 will take place in Mirage, which is a map that both teams are historically very good at. However EnvyUS’s form as of late has been nothing but lackluster and their new addition in Devil failed to make any impact yesterday in his debut. Which suggests that the French Giants still have a lot to work on before they stabilize as a team. On the flipside, FlipSid3 Tactics are coming off a victory against the likes of SK and Tempo Storm and are looking rather impressive. Couple that with WorldEdit’s new found form and Markeloff finally shining as a support player and it becomes very clear that this won’t be an easy ride for a slumping EnvyUS. Still the individual skill level on EnvyUS should be enough to just edge out Markeloff and co here, even if Devil disappoints once again.

Cobblestone: There was a time when EnvyUS would literally thrash other tier 1 teams like FNATIC and Astralis on this map, but now they are a shell of their former selves and there is absolutely no information on how Devil will adjust here. FlipSi3 on the other hand have always been very strong at Cobblestone and even took out EnvyUS the last time they fought here, keep in mind it was the arguably superior French squad that sported Kioshima in good form. Therefore given the odds it is only clever to go with FlipSid3 Tactics here, who despite having less skill seem like the more stable team at the moment on this map.

Our Pick: 1-1, EnvyUS wins Mirage but falls on Cobblestone to FlipSid3 Tactics
Risk level: High
Key players: Apex, KennyS, WorldEdit and Bondik

Faze Clan vs Natus Vincere
On paper this is a map that favors Natus Vincere heavily due to the Guardian factor, who is undoubtedly the best sniper in the world at the moment. Couple that with Flamie’s excellent entry fragging and this seems like a very hard mountain to climb for the Faze Clan. However we should not forget that this match will take place online and Na` Vi are infamous for under performing in an online setting, which coupled with their players having constant DDOS issues paints a bad picture. Therefore given the ridiculous odds for this, we suggest a small bet on Faze Clan simply because Natus Vincere are a shell of themselves when playing online.

Mirage: Once again a heavily favorable map for Natus Vincere, this is a map where the CIS kings always seem to come alive and can give anyone a run for their money. So unless Guardian is heavily DDOS’d again here, this should be going the way of Na`Vi. Sure players like Rain and Jkaem have shown great form as of late, but they don’t have the structure necessary to take down the specialist in Natus Vincere here. Not to mention any that for some reason Fox’s individual stats on this map is oddly low, even for his standards.

Our Pick: 1-1, Faze Clan edges out Natus Vincere on Dust 2 but fall on Mirage
Risk: High
Key plyaers: Guardian, Flamie, Rain, Jkaem and DDOS




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