ESL Pro League Season 3 Saturday, March 12th 2016 betting advice



Today ESL Pro league Season 3 sports 6 BO1’s between 6 teams. Which means you will be able to bet on each map individually, giving you the opportunity reap the most out of your resources. As always we will lay out our analysis for the matches and give you tips on which side to go with, let’s begin!

Team EnvyUS vs Astralis

Train: I always thought that Train is a map that both of these teams could have spent more time on and use as a pocket pick against certain teams. Unfortunately, no one did, for some reason Astralis never mastered it, even when they had a ridiculous win rate and EnvyUS is just too unstable as a team to actually put some time behind it. Hopefully now that NBK is calling, we will see a more refined style from the French giants. However at the moment, Astralis are the clear favorites here. The Danish squad has recently overcome their problems against the French giants and actually took them down the last time they met. Couple that with Device’s return to superstar level and Xyp9x being the consistent pillar and it makes Astralis look like the much more stable team on paper. Not to mention that despite having a good showing against FlipSid3 Tactics, Devil is still a big question mark.

Inferno: During the peak form of EnvyUS, this was one of the maps that no one would dare cross them on. Unfortunately, those days are long gone and as the Meta in CS GO has evolved, the advantage the French squad had gone away greatly. That being said it hasn’t been all great for Astralis either, they lost to FNATIC twice here and almost went down against Gamers2. Therefore given the odds and results of previous encounters here, we would suggest placing a low bet on EnvyUS here. The odds are juicy enough for the risk and there is always good chance players like Apex and KennyS can go off and take over the game.

Our pick: Train for Astralis, Inferno for EnvyUS
Key players: Device, Xyp9X, Apex, and KennyS

Gamers2 vs Virtus.Pro

Train: Historically, this is a map that Virtus.Pro was an absolute terror on. They would plow through anyone here and no matter the deficit they would always come back. That being said, there needs to be a reality check for the Polish squad here. Those days are long gone and they are not the same force they once were. Their recent slump is one of the worst I have ever seen on a former major champion and a massive change might be what they need. Gamers2, on the other hand, have improved a lot and it seems that EX6’s return to has really helped the team grow as a whole. The only problem in this squad is obviously Smithzz, who is more inconsistent than ESL’s schedule. One day he would be a godlike player who is hitting every shot and the other you would be unable to differentiate his sniping skills from Scream. So who should you go for here? We would like to bite the bullet and say Yes, they have been heavily underperforming but this is a map that they can win against Gamers2. As long as Snax shows up, NEO maintains his usual level and others, at least, do their roles, it should be enough to carry them over the line. After all, they have much more experience on this map and have ground out many victories.

Overpass: Recently Gamers2 have had some good showing on this map. Taking down Astralis and playing competitive against FNATIC. Virtus.Pro, on the other hand, have lost 4 of the 5 matches they played here recently and their only victory came against Apart from Neo, no one in the Polish squad has had a consistent showing here and even Snax who has been the superstar for this team has fallen off a bit. On the FlipSide, this has become RPK’s best map statistically and Ex6 has proven that he can play well on the CT side while filling important support roles on the T side. Therefore, this is a map that you have to give to Gamers2, they are the much more stable team here and everyone seem to be aware of what to do. Whereas Virtus.Pro are still trying to get back to their winning ways.

Our Pick: Virtus.Pro edges out on Train but falls to Gamers2 on Overpass
Key players: Neo, Snax, Shox, and RPK

SK Gaming vs Faze Clan

Cache: A map where both teams have lost badly on recently. Faze Clan was destroyed by Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming could not even take down Efrag. As a result, this is gaming one must judge based on individual skill level and that is where Faze Clan wins overwhelmingly. Jkaem and Rain have become the ultimate duo for this team. One can entry frag like a god while the other is amazingly calm during clutch situations. Couple that with the sudden impact style of Maikelele and Aizy and this team becomes very scary when going up against in pure aim duels. Sure Fox is a major weak point, but SK gaming simply doesn’t have enough firepower to push through to such situations. Apart from Magiskboy, everyone has gone down from their standard level a few months ago, even Pimp who used to be a consistent force during the Dignitas days have fallen down a lot. Expect Faze Clan to simply power through SK Gaming here.

Mirage: SK Gaming have caused a lot of upsets on this map, they have taken down the likes of Luminosity Gaming and ENCE and almost prevailed over EnvyUS. Faze Clan, on the other hand, have had very little official showings here and even their core struggled during the days with other organizations. Sure the individual skill level on the likes of Aizy, Rain and Jkaem are arguably superior to everyone in SK Gaming at the moment, but the experience sides heavily with the Danish squad. Couple that with Magiskboy and Friis being the specialist at the certain position here and I don’t see even the very skilled lineup of Faze overcome the tactical approaches of SK Gaming. Therefore, I suggest putting up a bet on SK Gaming here on the back of great odds and Faze Clan’s lack of a proper showing here.

Our Pick: Faze Clan overpower SK Gaming on Cache, but fall short on Mirage
Key players: Friis, Magiskboy, Rain, and Jkaem


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