ESL Pro League S3 Finals to sport CS GO’s biggest prize pool yet at $512,000!


Definitely the biggest organizers in CS GO, ESL will sport a whopping $512,000 for the Season 3 finals alone. Which makes this event the biggest offline tournament in terms of prize money in CS GO history. The remaining $238,000 will be going to the 5th-12th place finishers in each division, rounding up to a fair amount for every team in play.

The ESL Pro League Season 3 will sport 24 of the best CS GO teams in the play and they will face off against each other in round robin fashion almost 2 months for a bite at the 750k prize pool and a slot at the biggest CS GO offline finals to date. However the guys over at ESL are yet to announce the talents or the location where the event will take place, so keep your eyes open because we will definably highlight it upon official announcement.

The prize money distribution for the Top 8 teams that will make it to the offline finals will be much superior to any of the Valve supported major events so far. With the Champions taking the biggest piece at $200,000 which is an increase from all the majors as well as any of the previous ESL Pro League finals.

The Season3 final prize pool distribution will be as follows:

1. $200,000
2. $90,000
3-4. $44,000
5-6. $36,000
7-8. $31,000

FNATIC are still the reigning ESL Pro league champions and have won it twice in a row, will they make it a triple? Keep an eye out for our prediction of the ESL Pro League Season 3 finals to find out what we think.


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