Epicenter: Team Liquid secure their spot for the Grand Finals

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Team Liquid into the Grand Finals of Epicenter: Moscow

After a series full of actions between Newbee and compLexity Gaming, it was the time for the last series of the day, Team Liquid vs OG.

The winner of the last best-of-three series of the day, Team Liquid, advance to the grand finals as they managed to defeat OG. The journey of OG will now continue at the lower bracket grand finals where they’ve to face Newbee in the best-of-three series.

First game

The first game of the series began with OG securing the first blood in the top lane. With the pace of the game, both the teams wanted to gank more around the map especially mid-lane. In the early phases, OG had a good advantage but as soon as Team Liquid started to build up in the game, it became difficult for OG to handle them.

With the presence of Death Prophet’s ultimate, OG couldn’t fight near the Roshan Pit and eventually lost the team fight and Aegis of Immortality resulting into an even score of 11-11 just before 15 minute mark. With the Aegis of Immortality, Team Liquid took the game into their favor by controlling each side of the map. At 17 minute mark, they pushed the bottom barracks and successfully destroyed them and after then, they went to the mid lane to destroy the barracks. OG realized that nothing can be done in order to stop the aggression from the opponent side and therefore, they called ‘GG’ before 20 minutes.

Team Liquid line-up OG line-up
Death Prophet – FATA- Nature’s Prophet – BigDaddy-Notail
Phoenix – JerAx Night Stalker – Cr1t-
Dark Seer – MinD_ContRoL Vengeful Spirit – Fly
Doom – KuroKy- Alchemist – Miracle
Lycan – Matumbaman Centaur Warrunner – MoonMeander

Second game

The second game of the series began with a slower start as neither of the teams wanted to go hard on each other. The first blood was drew at 6 minutes in the favor of OG after they invested two ultimates on Bristleback. After the 10th minute mark, the score was very much even but the late game was in the hands of Team Liquid with respect to their draft. Therefore, they decided to take Roshan after they saw OG pushing the top lane. With the Aegis of Immortality, Team Liquid decided to play objective based gaming and they pushed down all the tier one and tier two towers on the side of OG.

Team Liquid became an unstoppable force in the game, but it was Miracle’s Tinker who became an immovable object for them. With the presence of strong team fight control abilities on the side of Team Liquid, OG lost the team fight against them which resulted into the destruction of tier two mid tower. After losing almost all the towers outside the base, OG became unstable and couldn’t do much to stop the push from Team Liquid. On the other side, Team Liquid claimed Aegis after Aegis, but again it was Tinker who kept creating problems for them. At 28 minute mark, with the help of the constant spamming of March of Machines by Tinker, OG restricted Team Liquid to stay off from the high ground.

At 40 minute mark, Team Liquid decided to go high ground and successfully destroyed tier three tower, but again, Miracle’s Tinker restricted them to further destroy any building. OG were protecting their base pretty well until Team Liquid again decided to go high ground and this time, they forced out OG’s buybacks on the cost of three heroes. By taking Roshan once again, Team Liquid looked forward to end the game with their strong pushing line-up.

After a long team fight in the mid and bottom lane, Team Liquid managed to destroy mid barracks at 50 minutes into the game, but they lost many heroes in that fight. Therefore, OG destroyed the tier one and two bottom towers but they responded quickly by pushing out the mid lane. This time, Tinker wasn’t enough to stop a great wave of push and thus, Team Liquid took the series 2-0 and secured the spot for the grand finals of Epicenter: Moscow. On the other hand, OG will face Newbee in the lower bracket grand finals of best-of-three series.

Team Liquid line-up OG line-up
Death Prophet – FATA- Brewmaster – BigDaddy-Notail
Rubick – JerAx Doom – Cr1t-
Bristleback – MinD_ContRoL Witch Doctor – Fly
Io – KuroKy- Tinker – Miracle
Lone Druid – Matumbaman Beastmaster – MoonMeander

Do you think that OG can defeat Newbee one more time in the lower bracket grand finals of Epicenter: Moscow? Let us know in the comments below.

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