ELEAGUE Season 1, Group A, Grand final pregame analysis


Today is the day when we get to enjoy some quality Counter Strike on Television. As the Grand Final of Group A will be broadcasted live on TBS. The teams gracing us with their presence? Cloud9 and Luminosity Gaming. So without any further due, let us get right into the real deal!

Luminosity Gaming vs Cloud9
There aren’t many teams in the world right now who can compete against Luminosity Gaming in a best of 3 series. Since the end of the FNATIC era, they have taken over in grand fashion. Winning multiple events and only falling at Dreamhack Masters Malmo, which was filled with top tier competition. It is completely fair to say that this Brazilian squad is the best team in the world at the moment and will remain so until another squad steps up the challenge.

jordangilbert1-672x336For now, though, we have to make do with Cloud9. The North American hope that sports many of the fan favorites in the likes of Shroud and n0thing. So far the American squad has had a good showing, taking down the likes of Team Liquid and Renegades in order to earn a spot in the finals. However, their encounters against Team Liquid did not go so well, suggesting that while they have clearly leveled up, it is still nowhere near enough to take down the elites.

FallenI expect this one to be an interesting clash while Luminosity is clearly the superior team, Cloud9 have shown the potential to do some serious damage. Maybe even take a map from the Brazilians if the veto grants them a Cache or Dust2. However, in the end, the Brazilians are far too experienced to let this one go. Not only do them have the superior team synergy and star power, they also sport a much superior map pool with only a few weaknesses in the form of Dust2 and Cache. The rest are a fortress that Cloud9 simply aren’t capable of breaking through, expect Luminosity to end their run at ELEAGUE with another victory.

Our Pick: Luminosity Gaming wins an exciting series over Cloud9
Key players: Fer and FNX


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