ELEAGUE Season 1, Day 3 pregame analysis

ELEAGUE continues to build momentum in the CS GO scene, already bagging two days filled with exciting matches and drama. Not the smoothest of starts, though, there were some technical issues here and there, but overall it has been a good experience for the fans. However, the stakes are higher than ever on Day 3, as semi-final clashes await the fans.

Luminosity Gaming vs Team Liquid
FallenSo far the Brazilians have gone undefeated in ELEAGUE, they have cemented their spot as the ones to beat and are riding a lot of momentum going into this match. ColdZera and Fer show no signs of slowing down and Fallen remains a very well-rounded leader who can hold his own against any other star AWPer. In terms of clutches, FNX remains a force to be reckoned with in 1vX situations and even TACO has stepped up when necessary.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, are in the exact opposite situation, losing all of their matches so far and choking in more than one occasion. It is a great example of a team that has all the potential but lacks the edge one needs to close it out. Koosta, in particular, has disappointed greatly, not even coming close to filling the gigantic void left by S1MPLE.

Not to mention that the semi-final will be played in a Best of 3 formats, so the American squad can’t just expect to make some crazy plays and sneak in a map to win a point. This is where Luminosity Gaming is at their best, they have one of the deepest map pools out there and can veto their way into a very favorable situation. On the other hand, Team Liquid can’t really do much to make things easier for them.

Our Pick: Luminosity gaming wins over Team liquid, without dropping a single map
Key players: Fer and ColdZera
Renegades vs Cloud9

jordangilbert1-672x336With the fall of Team Liquid, Cloud9 have found a new rival in this league. That being the Aussie squad in Renegades. Yesterday they clashed in two B01 matches and it ended in an equal trade for both. However, things are different today as they face off in a Best of 3 series. So who has the edge here?

In terms of star power, Cloud9 has a clear edge. They have four-star players in Skadoodle, Shroud, Stewie2k and n0thing and any one of them can have a good game and take over the match. For Renegades, most of the load falls on AZR and JKS. The others usually function as utility players who rely heavily on them to open up sites on the T side.

Moving on the map pool, Renegades share the love of Cobblestone with Cloud9 and actually came out on top yesterday. However, that is where their positive win rates stop. On every other map, Cloud9 has a higher win rate, including Train which they won in dominant fashion yesterday. So as long as Slemmy plays to the weakness of Renegades, instead of their own strength, I expect Cloud9 to come out with a favorable draw in this series.

Our Pick: Cloud9 wins 2-1
Key players: Stewie2k and Shroud


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