ELEAGUE Group F, Day 2 pregame analysis


If you followed our advice yesterday, then chances are you have a healthy amount of winning to lay down today.  Day 2 of ELEAGUE Group F kicks off in just a few hours, so let us get right into it!

Team EnvyUS vs Complexity Gaming
Once again we start with the classic David vs Goliath match and this one should go no different. Complexity Gaming has shown some signs of life here and there, but at the end of the day, they are just the punching bag of the elite teams attending. Team EnvyUS have far too much firepower and experience to fall to a Tier 3 North American team.

The only silver lining for Complexity gaming would be the fact that their star player dephh seems unfazed in front of the elite competition, so under the right circumstances they can at least put up a respectable score line in this match. Though the much bigger map pool for EnvyUS really minimizes the chance of any miracle upsets.

Our Pick: Team EnvyUS runs over Complexity Gaming 2-0
Key players: Apex and NBK

Virtus.Pro vs Gambit Gaming
SnaxClearly the match of the day, Virtus.pro vs Gambit Gaming should be one hell of a ride for Counter-Strike fans. Both sides have a good mix of explosive and experienced players. Admittedly, Virtus.Pro does have the higher skill ceiling in the duo of Byali and Snax, but Dosia and MOU can compete and provide some serious resistance.

However when it comes to overall team synergy and experience as a squad, you have to give the edge to the Polish giants. They have stuck together longer than any other team in all of Counter Strike Global offensive and as a result, handle chaotic situations much more efficiently. This was evident in the matches yesterday against EnvyUS, where we saw them sporting great rotating and teamwork, winning multiple rounds with a man deficit.

Our Pick: Virtus.Pro outlasts Gambit Gaming on both maps, 2-0
Key players: Snax and Neo

Gambit Gaming vs Complexity Gaming
The final match of ELEAGUE Group F, Day 2 will be Gambit Gaming vs Complexity Gaming. Compared to EnvyUS and Virtus Pro, these two teams are the major underdogs. The only difference being, Gambit Gaming is the only one who can routinely challenge the upper tier competition whereas Complexity are the new kids on the block who usually just end up getting bullied out of the play.

Dephh and androidX23 have shown that they can hang with some of the best aimers out there, but it will be hardly enough when Gambit gaming sport three explosive players who can consistency ruin their defense in Dosia, MOU, and Adren. Then you add in the fact that Complexity Gaming doesn’t really have any map to fall back on where they can have an advantage on Gambit Gaming and it looks like a done deal for the North American mix in ELEGAUE.

Our Pick: Gambit Gaming bully their way through to a 2-0 victory over Complexity Gaming
Key players: Dosia and MOU


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