Eleague Group F, Day 1 pregame analysis

We are nearing the end of ELEAGUE as Group F kicks off today, featuring some big names as well as some underdogs. As usual, ESOB will be providing you guys with some solid pregame analysis. Now let us get right into it!

Virtus.Pro vs Complexity Gaming
We start off with a stomp of a match up, it is the return of the Polish giants in Virtus.Pro and they will be going up against the North American mix of complexity gaming. The skill disparity between these two teams are rather big, couple that with the fact that Virtus.Pro are the most experienced squad in all of Counter Strike and things look grim for Complexity.

Still, there are some minor hints of hope here and there, dephh and androidx23 have shown a great deal of firepower and can do some damage if Virtus.Pro come in cold and rusty. However, an upset like that would require a lot of stars to align, so we are going with the obvious favorites here.

Our Pick: Virtus.Pro runs over Complexity 2-0

Gambit gaming vs Team EnvyUS
CYRf26IWQAEW4ACNow this is an interesting matchup, on one hand, you have the once best team in the world in EnvyUS, on the other hand, you have Gambit gaming who are recently coming back to life with some great showings. In fact, last time these two teams went up against each other it was Gambit who came out on top. So who sports the edge this time?

Both teams sport some serious firepower, in fact, EnvyUS were once considered the most skilled lineup to ever come together during the Kioshima era. On the other hand, Gambit gaming has the likes of Dosia and MOU, who are both extremely strong in their roles. There are also similar glaring weaknesses in Hooch and DEVIL. Overall the French squad still have an edge in overall skill across the board, but Gambit gaming sports the better structure as well as the mental edge

We personally think this will be a case of trading points. Both teams are capable of vetoing their way into a favorable map, so the maps will be key to understand who gets the edge here.

Our Pick: 1-1 , EnvyUS and Gambit trade points

Team EnvyUS vs Virtus.Pro
Finally, we have the match of the day! It will be the Polish giants going up against Team EnvyUS. Former major winners going at it, except now none of the teams are anywhere near their peak. Virtus.Pro are just coming out of their gigantic slump and EnvyUS still look fragile with Devil on board, making this a crucial match to decide which side finally patched up their issues. So who has the edge here?

Weill the way we see it, the extra experience and superior showings on LAN tips the scale slightly in favor of Virtus.Pro. Not to mention that historically they have always had an edge over EnvyUS. If you take a look at their previous matches, it becomes clear that since bodyy joined, the Poles have been rolling over the French squad.

Our Pick: Virtus.Pro returns to form with a clean 2-0


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