ELEAGUE Group B, Grand-Final pregame analysis

So here we are, the Grand-Final everyone predicted, but the path to it was really different to what most expected. Instead of NIP sweeping through everyone in the group, it was G2eSports who surfaced as the titanic force in Group B, going undefeated all the way to the Grand Finals. The journey for NIP, on the other hand, was very different. They got knocked down at Day 1 at the hands of G2eSports and then struggled greatly to close out the game against Optic Gaming, barely edging out the Americans to secure a place in the grand finals. So how will their second clash at ELEAGUE go?

NIP Gaming vs G2eSports breakdown

Raw skill and current form:cropped_26901546851_9502683f6c_k In terms of star power these two teams are really well matched. However, the recent form heavily favors G2eSports. While Get_Right and F0rest have been really inconsistent in ELEAGUE so far, Shox and Scream seem to have found their peak once again. Couple that with SmithZz, RPK and bodyy hitting a great deal of comfort in their roles and it feels like G2eSports is a level above the Swedes right now in terms of firepower.

Map pool and strategies:
 ThreatThis is one of the areas where NIP still edges out G2eSports, despite their poor showing earlier in the league. In terms of strategies and just simple comfort level across different maps, NIP remains formidable. They have a clear edge on Cache, Cobblestone, and Overpass and can hold their own on the rest, making it hard for the French side to Veto their way into favorable maps for the Best of 3 series in the grand finale. Assuming Threat is the one doing the veto process again and not Xizt, it will be key for the Swedes to draw favorable maps where they can out strategies the French giants.

X-Factor:Shox NIP’s X-factor is obviously the #NIPMAGIC, a form which they can tap into to grind through intense series that start out in the opponents favor. However, in this case, G2eSports has the perfect counter. The one and only Shox still remains undefeated against NIP in Grand-Final clashes. This gives the French squad a great deal of mental boost and makes Shox, in particular, a scary player to deal with for the Swedes because I know for a fact that he will go in without a hint of a doubt in his mind that can reign supreme. Advantage G2eSports

So who wins here?  In our opinion. G2eSports have too much momentum riding behind their back to let this one slip away. Couple that with NIP’s sloppy performance and I see this being a painting of the French riding over the Swedes.

Our Pick: G2eSports wins 2-1
Key players: Shox and Scream


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