ELEAGUE Group B, Day 3 pregame analysis

After a very successful Day 2 pregame analysis, it is only fair we treat you guys with some solid predictions for the semi-final. Now without any further delays, let’s get started!

Selfless vs G2eSports

cropped_26901546851_9502683f6c_kAt the moment, G2eSports are looking like the strongest team in Group B. Granted that they had some problems against the North American teams, but against NIP-Gaming, they looked phenomenal. Shox seems to have hit his peak and Scream is holding his own. With the star duo fired up, the rest of the squad is feeling a lot more confident.

On the flipside, Selfless are looking like the worst team in the event. They had some close maps against the European teams, but that is about it. Having lost 6 maps in a row, it is hard to see how they can take a game off of G2eSports. To make matters worse, there is no reliable second star in the NA squad, apart from Relyks, no one seems to be stepping up in a consistent manner. That is one of the key reasons why they weren’t able to close off any of the maps they were leading. Couple that with the superior map pool for G2eSports and this looks like a quick 2-0 for the French giants.

Our Pick: G2eSports wins 2-0
Key players: Shox and bodyy

NIP-Gaming vs Optic Gaming

GeT_RiGhTAnother EU vs NA matchup, I guess even the casual fans know how this one ends. NIP-Gaming belongs to a different tier entirely and Optic Gaming will have to pull off a miracle if they want to win. That being said, NIP has looked surprisingly shaky as of late. Their performance against G2eSports is a prime example of that, no one except Get_Right made any real impact and Friberg was losing out on every entry duel, it was 2015 all over again for the Ninjas. I guess they lost a great deal of motivation after winning the Dreamhack Masters Malmo.

Whatever the reason maybe for their decline in performance, this is clearly a version of NIP that can give away a map to Optic Gaming. After all, the NA squad had a decent showing against G2eSports and sport a proven star in Mixwell, who is capable of turning any round around in their favor. However, I do not see them actually winning the series, the Swedes have far too much star power and a tactical safety net in Threat to fail. Even if they go down a map, I expect them to bounce back with a 2-1 victory.

Our Pick: A competitive series ends with NIP-Gaming winning 2-1
Key players: Get_Right and Xizt


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