ELEAGUE Group B, Day 2 pregame analysis

Turner’s ELEAGUE has started to pick up the pace with Group B, the favorites in NIP are down two games and Selfless exceeded expectations in their match against G2eSports. So how will Day 2 unfold? Let us find out!

Optic Gaming vs G2eSports

cropped_26901546851_9502683f6c_kThere was always this theory about the core members of G2eSports that they often underperform against weaker teams, but play at their best when facing formidable opponents. Yesterday was a great example of that, the French squad had difficulty taking down Selfless Gaming but later went on to prevail over NIP. Therefore, chances are that Optic Gaming might give G2eSports a much harder time than most would expect. After all, they took a map off of Luminosity Gaming, the best team in the world at the moment. However, despite the hidden potential of a very competitive game, I don’t actually Optic gaming being able to close it out against a fired up G2eSports. Shox has started to play like his late 2013 self again and Scream is also holding his own on most occasions, couple that with boddy’s newfound position and Optic Gaming seems outmatched. Though one can argue that Mixwell is probably a better sniper than SmithZz, but that will hardly be enough. In every other area, the French should run over the American squad.

Our Pick: G2eSports prevails over Optic Gaming 2-0
Key players: Shox and Scream

NIP gaming vs Selfless

GeT_RiGhTUnlike G2eSports, NIP-Gaming usually doesn’t fall off too much against weaker teams. Similar to Astralis, the Swedish squad often runs over weaker opponents with dominant scorelines. The core simply is very efficient at bullying less capable players and this should be no different. I don’t expect Selfless to do anywhere near as well against NIP gaming as they did against G2eSports. Sure, players like Relyks and Mainline are capable of doing some damage, but they aren’t at the level of Get_Right and F0rest. Unless your superstar is called Shox or Olofmeister, they won’t run over the Swedish legends Couple that with the much superior map pool of NIP-Gaming and this feels like a really high mountain to climb for the American underdogs. I expect Threat to lead NIP-Gaming to a clean 2-0 victory and give them back some confidence after the thrashing from yesterday.

Our Pick: NIP-Gaming overpowers Selfless 2-0
Key players: Get_Right and F0rest

Optic Gaming vs Selfless

optic_mixwell-968x505Usually, you don’t expect a clash among to NA teams to be anything to look forward to in the world of CS, their weird puggy style often destroys the general concept of the game. However, in this case, the NA clash has the potential to be the best match of the day. Mainly because the first two matches should be a one-sided affair in the favor of the European giants, but the gap between Optic Gaming and Selfless Gaming isn’t as big and being domestic rivals, they probably know each other well enough to have some tactical counters as well. So who has the edge here? In my opinion, Optic Gaming has the superior firepower, thanks to their stars in Mixwell and NAF=FLY. It has been proven time and time again that they are the playmakers of this squad and when in form, can carry the team to a victory even against titanic teams like Luminosity Gaming and Astralis. Selfless have also come close to pulling off some upsets, but never at the level of Optic Gaming. Their star duo in Relyks and MainLine are nowhere near as consistent against top tier opposition and have often disappeared under pressure. Which is why I don’t see Selfless being able to push through Optic Gaming here, still it should be a much more competitive battle than any of the other matches today.

Our Pick: Optic Gaming wins 2-0
Key players: NAF-FLY and Mixwell


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