ELEAGUE Group B, Day 1 pregame analysis


Turner’s ELEAGUE returns today with Group B, sporting a far most interesting collection of teams featuring NIP, G2eSports, Optic Gaming and Selfless. The four squads will first go up against each other in B01 round robin format to determine the seeding for the playoffs. After that, we will get to see the elimination phase, followed by the B03 semi-finals and finally the Grand Final, which of course will be broadcasted on LIVE television. Now without any delays, let us kick off the breakdowns.

Ninjas gaming vs Optic gaming

GeT_RiGhTThe guys over at Optic gaming have improved leaps and bounds since their debut, they have made a solid pickup on Mixwell and came close to pulling off some upsets. So I expect them to at least put up a fight in group B. However, taking down the Swedish legends would be too much to ask from the up and coming American squad. Especially when you consider the different level these two teams have been playing at. NIP-Gaming won Dreamhack Masters Malmo recently and had a pretty solid showing in the events that followed. Not to mention that the Swedish squad is vastly more experienced and have some of the all-time greats playing for them. Couple that with Threats strategical approach and I don’t see them handing away a map to Optic Gaming. Unless, Xizt starts doing the veto process again that is!

Our Pick: NIP-Gaming wins both B01 clashes over Optic Gaming
Key players: Get_Right and F0rest

G2eSports vs Selfless Gaming

screamThe French squad led by the legendary Richard ‘Shox’ Papillion is riding a great deal of momentum going into this league. They returned to form in ESL Pro League Season 3 finals and maintained it during online leagues, even taking down NIP-Gaming in ECS Season 1. As a result, the chances for Mainline and co are looking very slim. Whether it is star power, map pool or experience, Selfless Gaming pales in comparison to G2eSports. I expect this to be a swift 2-0 in the favor of the French squad unless ELEAGUE grows some sense and decide to bring in Tempo Storm instead in the last minute, hey one can dream right?

Our Pick: G2eSports breezes past Selfless Gaming 2-0
Key players: Shox and Scream

NIP-Gaming vs G2eSports
f0restIt is the legendary clashes of French and Sweden. The Squads that started it all in CS GO, the original rivals during the early version. It is amazing to see both teams fight over their slumps and eventually return to form. Being someone who followed the game since the very start, there is a lot of nostalgia factor going on here. The most interesting of them being the long-running superstar clash between the stars of each team, Shox and Scream & Get_Right and F0rest. Recently the French squad has had a slight edge in online matches, but NIP gaming are a different beast on LAN and now they have Threat to give them the tactical edge, whereas G2eSports no longer has Ex6tenz. So is the new found firepower enough to take down the Swedes? The answer is yes, it can definitely overwhelm the Swedish squad in the right circumstances, but I also expect NIP to bounce back and take a map of their own.
Our Pick: NIP-Gaming and G2eSports trade games, 1-1
Key players: Shox and Scream (G2), Get_Right and F0rest (NIP)


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