ECS Season 1, Virtus.Pro vs Team EnvyUS betting tips


After a bit of a gap, we are back with some solid CS GO betting tips once again. Today featuring the ECS Season 1 clash between the Polish powerhouse in Virtus Pro and the French giants in EnvyUS. Unlike ESL Pro League matches, ECS sports a B03 format, which in our opinion makes for much more interesting outcomes. Now let’s get right into it!

cropped_20150910_Helena-Kristiansson_ESLProLeagueDubai_0363 In terms of firepower, EnvyUS is a team that can still compete with anyone. Even during their recent slump, the duo of KennyS and Apex have shown signs of life. KennyS, in particular, has proven to be more consistent than anyone else in the squad at the moment and continues to deliver stunning performances. Which coupled with the reliable support from NBK can make the French squad a very scary team to go up against. Not to mention the aggressive lurk factor that Happy brings to the table as well. Overall the Polish squad feels outmatched, but that is not to say that they can’t hold their own either. Snax continues to be one of the best players in the world, who can handle any role required and NEO has resurfaced once again as a consistent force who keeps delivering among the chaos. However, that is where the praises stop, Byali has shown a serious lack of consistency and Pasha’s ratings have seen a significant drop-off compared to his peak. As for TaZ, he remains an on and off player. Sometimes the old man can go off and drop a 40 bomb and at other times he outright disappears from the server.

SnaxHowever, firepower is not the only thing that matters here. We also need to look at how the veto process can turn out, the obvious ban for Virtus Pro will always be Dust 2 and the equivalent for EnvyUS is Overpass. So with those two maps out of the way, Virtus Pro will either go for Train or Mirage. The smart money for the Poles will be on Train since EnvyUS are arguably more capable on Mirage. On the French side, they will probably pick Inferno. Since the core is extremely comfortable on it, though one can make also make a case for Cache. Either way, the second wave of bans should get rid of Mirage for EnvyUS and Cache for Virtus Pro. Which should leave us with Train, Inferno, and Cobblestone. One obvious trend is developing here, that Virtus Pro is capable of closing out all maps here. While EnvyUS will probably struggle on Train. So unless the French squad somehow pulls off a miracle win on the Polish squad’s pick, this series should go the way of Virtus Pro.

Our Pick: Virtus Pro wins 2-1 Key players: Neo and Snax

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