ECS Season 1 Finals, Day 2 analysis

Here at ESOB, we had a minor break from CS GO predictions. However, now it is back to the usual routine where we cover every major event and provide our loyal fanbase with the analysis they deserve. Today we will be breaking down matches from ECS Season 1 finals, Day 2, so let’s get right into it.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs G2eSports

f0restThere aren’t many rivalries in CS GO that can match the history between the core members of NIP and VeryGames. It is one of the few clashes that took place entirely on CS GO, as opposed to the legendary EL CLASSICO rivalry between NIP and Virtus.Pro, that originated during the glory days of CS 1.6. That being, both sides have gone through multiple changes. G2 no longer has the tactical genius in Ex6tenz and NIP left behind Fifflaren to serve the desk. So how does this version go down?

Well, these two teams met recently in ELEAGUE and the results were rather surprising. Early on, NIP struggled greatly against G2eSports, almost to the point of getting dominated by the might of Shox and Scream. It was as if G2eSports did not lose any momentum from their defeat at the hands of Luminosity and powered through. Surely this was going to be their moment? Nope, NIP once again returned to form during the group finals and ran through the French squad with crushing 2-0 victory. Couple that with G2’s recent fall and NIP feel like a more concrete squad going into the Group A elimination match. However, do keep in mind that this is by no stretch, a squash match that can’t go the other way. In terms of pure skill and explosiveness, G2eSports can take down anyone on a good day, we just don’t think they have too many of those!

Our Pick: NIP grinds out the series 2-1 over G2eSports 
Key players: F0rest and Pyth

Astralis vs Cloud9 

iNot really an epic rivalry, but this is still a very exciting matchup. Both teams have gone through similar changes, exchanging experience for a younger and more skilled player. For Cloud9 it meant bringing Stewie2k in and add some much-needed firepower, for Astralis it meant making up for the rifling that went missing due to Device sporting the AWP more. Different reasons, but in the end, both squads came out with more individual skill. So how do they stack up against each other?

Well as fun as it would be to say, yeah Cloud9 have a chance, they don’t. Especially in a Best of 3 setting, where Astralis can veto away the typical puggy style NA favored maps and create a more advantageous situation using their bigger range.  Couple that with the far superior structure and higher skill ceiling across the board and the Danes feel ready to munch on some Americans!

Our Pick: Astralis runs over Cloud9 2-0
Key players: Kjaerbye and Dupreeh 


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