DreamHack ZOWIE Open Day 2 Analysis

Yes people! I know yesterday was a pure massacre with multiple upsets that no one really saw coming, such is the nature of Esports. However today is a new day and we as always will try to give the best information possible and provide solid analysis on the back of it. Now let’s get started!

Faze Clan vs Luminosity Gaming
Our odds: 40% – 60%

Luminosity action shot

We start off with a rematch from yesterday, where Faze made their debut in stunning fashion, running over the Brazilian squad with pure explosiveness. It was almost as if Luminosity Gaming underestimated the individual skill level on Faze due to their previous encounters, as a result there were no anti strats for the aggression that Jkaem and co were showing,  giving away the map in a rather sad display. Fortunately the Brazilian squad was able to bounce back against SK Gaming in a B03 series that was a lot more competitive than expected. On the other side of the fence, Faze went up against the CIS kings in Natus Vincere, who destroyed them on Train with a score of 9-16, putting the squad of Maikelele and co once again against the Brazilian squad, but this time in a B03 series. Despite the B01 upset I am still confident that Luminosity Gaming is the superior team and definitely has the better IGL in Fallen, who has shown time and time again that with prep time he can overcome any team and this time there is no way he will underestimate the Faze Clan squad and the explosiveness that they can bring. Expect this game to be a very competitive one that eventually ends In the favor of Luminosity Gaming due to superior team work and executes.

Our pick: Luminosity gaming to win

Mousesports vs Team Dignitas
Our odds 70% – 30%


Both of these teams exceeded expectations yesterday and they both did it by taking out the same team, Virtus Pro! So one must ask the question, were these two teams really over performing that much or were the Poles simply rusty? To answer that question we looked at their other match against Astralis and this is where Mousesports start to look like the better team. Not only did they crush Poland’s hopes and dreams by taking out Virtus.Pro, but they also gave Astralis a solid run for their money, taking the game to double overtime and eventually losing to the heroics of Device and Xyp9x.

Whereas Dignitas lost in rather convincing fashion to their domestic rivals and required some rather Super Star level performance form Kjaerbye and Rubino. Personally I don’t see the players on Dignitas clicking the same way once again, while Niko and co still seem to have enough on their average days to beat out the Danes. Therefore expect Mousesport to make a deep run in this tournament, taking out Team Dignitas on the way.

Our Pick: Mousesports to win

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    Frank neira Reply
    Jan 23, 2016 @ 15:57 pm

    Good analysis as always its a bummer that Mouz played so bad


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