Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2016 Day 5 analysis and betting tips


With the Dreamhack Masters Malmö group stages finally done and dusted, we can move on to the quarter-finals. Where the eight remaining teams will fight it out in order to secure a sport at the semi-finals. The game is exciting enough as it is at this stage, but you can always spice it up even more with some gambling. That is where we come in, providing you free analysis coupled with legal ways to bet in eSports. Now, without any more stalling, let us get into the real deal.

Natus Vincere vs TyLoo Gaming: 7 - guardianThere is a lot going on here, both teams have fought through many obstacles to get here. Let’s start with the most familiar name, Natus Vincere. After finishing second at the MLG Major Columbus, Guardian announced that he will be taking a break due to a wrist injury. Which forced the CIS squad to use their manager, Sergey “Starix” Ischuk instead. Surprisingly, Starix performed rather well in the group stages. Putting up big numbers in all matches and even finishing second in the squad in terms of statistics. Obviously, he did not fill the superstar role that Guardian would otherwise inhabit, but it was still enough to get them over the line. The big surprise, though, came after the matches were finished for the CIS squad in Day 4 of Dreamhack Masters Malmö. Apparently Guardian received the green light from his doctor and will be flying to the arena to take his rightful place as the superstar that makes the CIS kings complete.

This makes TyLoo’s dream even harder to achieve. Though, it would be unfair to say that the Chinese squad isn’t familiar with big obstacles. After all, they took down the S1mple powered Team Liquid and they went on to upset the current major champions in dramatic fashion. Almost a fairy tale like run for them, to be honest, but the question is will it continue? Sad to break it to you guys, but this is where the journey ends for the underdogs. While it is true that Luminosity and Na`Vi share a lot of similarities, the one area they differ from each other is their record against opponents who on paper should be weaker. Go back in time and look how they lost to Faze, they had just demolished the squad recently and felt the second time won’t be any different, only it was. Natsu Vincere won’t make the same mistake and don’t forget that the upsets have put TyLoo on the map now, so the chances of them sneaking in a sense of underestimation among the CIS squad is a lot slimmer.

Betting tip: Go with Natus Vincere, a returning guardian coupled with TyLoo’s new found recognition tips the match greatly in favor of the boys in yellow.
Key players: Guardian and Flamie

Team Dignitas vs Team EnvyUS: kennys Not as much drama here, but still a lot of similarities to explore before we get into who should win. Both teams entered this event in a doubtful form, one more than the other but the gist is obvious.  Team Dignitas started off in stellar fashion, taking down NIP and Astralis with surprising ease. Much of the credit goes to the newfound peak of Rubino and K0nfig, which served the duel purpose of adding in more firepower and relieving Kjaerbye of some serious pressure.  On the flipside, EnvyUS struggled early on with Faze Clan, barely surviving the attack that their former teammate in Kioshima deployed. Things were looking grim, but the heroics from Apex and KennyS helped them stabilize later in the series against Tempo Storm.

Now on paper the run from Dignitas seems much more impressive, but when it comes to the quarter-final clash between these two, I would actually favor EnvyUS. Mostly because of how the Danes have crumbled in similar situations before. Historically the deeper they go into a tournament the more nervous they get. The French squad, on the other hand, have much more experience when it comes to performing on big stages, the core has accomplished great things and is without a doubt some of the most skilled when firing on all cylinder. Which leads me to the conclusion that, if EnvyUS can gain some momentum in this match, then the likes of K0nfig and MSL who have shown great improvement so far, will crumble under the pressure. Not to mention the obvious veto process, which will probably sport an Overpass ban from EnvyUS and a Dust2 exclusion from Dignitas, tilts the setting slightly in favor of the French squad as well.

Betting tip: Go with medium value on EnvyUS, this is not an all in match but sports the potential of solid profit
Key players: Apex and KennyS

Mousesports vs GodSent:Niko These are two teams that no one really expected to see in the quarter-finals, but mousesports was able to upset Luminosity Gaming and Godsent followed by eliminating CLG. So let’s size them up against each other, we have the returning legend in Pronax leading the firepower in Znajder and Twist going up against arguably the most talented player in the world at the moment in Niko, who is backed up by a streaky Nex and ChrisJ.

Mouesports started off the event with a victory over the American dream team in Team Liquid, where we got to see some great duels between S1mple and Niko, but in the end the Hiko and co were far too shaky to gain any footing. However, the real shocker came when Nex showed up in impressive fashion against the current major champions, Luminosity Gaming.  Before anyone even processed the whole situation, Mouz had run over the #2 team in the world, closing out the map at 16-7.  Moving onto Godsent, they started it off by convincingly taking down a shaky Gamers2. Who had just gotten rid of their long time IGL in EX6, so that is something most people weren’t surprised with. The real test came in the form of CLG, who had just lost a very close battle against Natus Vincere. To everyone’s surprise, Twist and Znajder went well and beyond their usual level. Dropping near 100 average ADR between the two and as a result, Godsent ran over the American squad in swift fashion, closing out the series 2-0.

So there must be some hope for the Swedes here right? Unfortunately No. Any way you slice and dice it, the Germans went through much tougher oppositions and their peaks looked much more formidable. Sure the Swedish squad will probably have the tactical edge and better adaptation, but that simply won’t be enough against the might of Niko and Nex. While Twist and Znajder can probably do some damage and match the firepower to an extent, the overall skill gap across the board is simply too overwhelming for GodSent to handle here. So unless the veto process is something the German have no clue about, the series should go with Niko and co.

Betting tip: Go with Mousesports here, the tactical edge that Pronax brings simply won’t be enough
Key players: Niko and Nex

NIP-Gaming vs Virtus Pro:GeT_RiGhT  To close it off, we have the El Clásico of CS GO. It is the original Swedish legends going up against the Polish giants. NIP’s recent online record far surpass that of Virtus.Pro’s, but on LAN the gap is much smaller, with both teams struggling to gain respectable placings nowadays. Gone are the days when they were the titans of the scene fighting in the grand finals of a major, now they have to settle for a quarter-final clash instead.

Let’s start off with the Swedes, their first match ended in almost heart aching fashion against Dignitas. As they got destroyed 16-2 on Overpass. Many thought the Swedes have finally gone down for good, but fortunately GTR and co remained unfazed, eventually climbing back in the tournament at the expense of Astralis. While doing so, the duo of Get_Right and F0rest looked rather strong, but the Xfactor turned out to be Pyth, who delivered stunning entries in multiple matches to help the Ninjas get back in the running.

Virtus Pro on the other hand had a much more solid start to their journey, taking down Faze and Tempo Storm without conceding double digits. Which is a far cry from their horrendous form in online leagues. The usual suspects in Byali and Snax contributed greatly to both matches and created enough space for Pasha to start sniping effectively again. Safe to say that the Poles are a different beast offline. However, we still favor NIP for the quarter finals meet. They seem to be way ahead of the Poles at the moment in terms of tactics and with Forest and GTR returning to form, it is safe to say that they can more than hold their own against the might of Snax and Byali. So unless an infamous plow mode occurs, the Swedes should reign supreme.

Betting tip: Medium value on NIP, they are the favored team thanks to Threat, but the Poles are still capable of taking the series. So best not to commit too much.
Key players: Get_Right and F0rest



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